Happy Reunions

Over the years we've had some truly amazing stories of lost pets reunited with their owners. These are the stories that keep you going and make you never give up, they are inspirational and we encourage you to read them as they will give you hope when you feel like there is none.

May, 9 2024

Found Cat Pepper



This app is very helpful and cool. They were very speedy and did alot of cool things like fax’s and send emails out to anyone willing to look for her just on the free option. This is a great sight.

May, 1 2024

Found Cat Lyle


Domestic Long Hair

Great customer service! My pet was found! In my frantic state, I was messaging customer service to make sure the message sent out. They were very responsive and reassuring. My pet and I have been reunited. I would 100% recommend this service.

May, 1 2024

Found Cat Sativa


Domestic Long Hair

Thank to Lostmykitty and Others My entire neighborhood was on the look out for my cat as they saw the posting Lostmykitty made plus the flyers they made for him. It took the hard work of making flyers and contacting as many people as possible all on top of trying to physically look for my cat and the high emotions so they’ve really took the stress out of it and really helped so much

April, 22 2024

Found Cat Moose


Domestic Short Hair

Moose was found about 2 miles away by some wonderful people after a week missing! We're so thankful to have our big man back and couldn't be happier, big thank you to the lost my kitty community for reuniting our family <3

April, 18 2024

Found Cat Kitty


European Shorthair

I noticed I had lost my kitten around 8:46 pm and created the alert. At 9:17 pm I got an email about possible info on her whereabouts. At 9:40 the same night, I was reunited with my kitten. Exceptional timing and an easy process. I am truly grateful for the service considering I didn’t pay anything for it.

April, 2 2024

Found Cat Laila


Domestic Medium Hair

I can not express how grateful I am for this site ! Knowing all shelters and veterinary offices were notified was a tremendous help. The flyers were easy to print and definitely needed. I am especially grateful for the comments with suggestions and advice given along with the support . Thank you ..Thank you .. Thank you ??

April, 2 2024

Found Cat Rascal


Domestic Long Hair

This site was an amazing resource and kept me motivated to continue my search for over 5 days until Rascal returned safely home! I love my kitten and was able to consistently look for him using the tip and resources provided by LostmyKitty. Thank you!!

March, 19 2024

Found Cat Unknown


American Shorthair

LostMyKitty was amazing in posting and connecting me with other people just as interested in getting these poor babies found. I thank them and appreciate everything they do!

March, 5 2024

Found Cat Fynneous


Domestic Short Hair

After 2 days of having posted here I was connected with the person that had found Finn and was keeping him safe. I’m so grateful to you all, he is home! Thank you! God bless?? Christina.

January, 29 2024

Found Cat Scooter


Domestic Short Hair

Losing our cat was a stressful time for me and my family. I am so glad our neighbors directed us to Lost My Kitty - this service is wonderful and so easy to use. They contacted all of the local shelters and animal hospitals with our cats information for us, and when I had questions about posting an ad, a representative got back to me right away. I cannot recommend this enough! Thank you so much for helping us.

January, 25 2024

Found Cat Timmy



I was very impressed with LostMyKitty and how easy and helpful it made it to try to bring our fur baby home. The tips were very helpful. We would use LostMyKitty again if we needed to.....but I pray we NEVER need too again!

December, 23 2023

Found Cat Marco


Domestic Short Hair

I would recommend this to anybody who has lost their pets. It it saves you from going to Office Depot and printing out flyers for a dollar a piece, it prevents you from having to call all local vets and shelters. Lost my kitty.com does it all for you and somebody picked up my cat and thought it was a stray and turned it into a adoption center 30 miles from me and I was alerted immediately when he was turned in because of lost my kitty.com. this turns a very sad Christmas into a very very warm and happy one. I'm so grateful to all of you at lost mykitty.com God bless and thank you

December, 19 2023

Found Cat Booboo


Domestic Short Hair

I joined multiple groups on fb and posted many post trying to find my cat, but it was through LostMyKitty.com that I got my cat after 41 days missing. I am so thankful for this site, it is free and one easy google search away to get reunited with your pet again.

December, 14 2023

Found Cat Maxie


American Shorthair

LostMyKitty helped me find my lost cat. The service I selected gave me flyers to post around my neighborhood, and sent automated voicemails notifying all neighborhood residents and nearby pet facilities that my cat was missing. I was reunited with my kitty the very next day! I highly recommend jumping on this service quickly.

December, 12 2023

Found Cat Creature


American Shorthair

Found our cat Creature after a little over 2 weeks using this site. They offer great resources on where to post and search including Nextdoor which is where our great community came together to find him. He was over 10 minutes drive away and 5 miles. We never would've found him had it not been for lostmykitty. Thanks for everything you guys do.