Happy Reunions

Over the years we've had some truly amazing stories of lost pets reunited with their owners. These are the stories that keep you going and make you never give up, they are inspirational and we encourage you to read them as they will give you hope when you feel like there is none.

May, 26 2023

Found Cat Georgie


Domestic Short Hair

The phone alerts that lost my kitty did were very helpful in relocating my cat who was kidnapped from my backyard and released in a different location.

May, 22 2023

Found Cat Tazy


Maine Coon

We have found two lost cats over the span of 5 years, all credit to lostmykitty.com. So thankful for your free fliers. Thank you!

May, 7 2023

Found Cat Persephone


Domestic Short Hair

Our Persephone was just reunited with us. Because LostMyKitty provided a Premade flyer we were able to print and post around our Apt. Complex. Just hours after putting them up, we got the call we'd been waiting for. Two college students that live in the same complex as us had her run into their apartment one night when it was very cold. They knew she was a pet, and was not putting her back out. Their social media was campus and they did what they could to find her human family, but they were getting no responses. Unfortunately, we are well past the age of our college years and never thought to look there. If it weren't for the flyers made available we would still be looking for our girl. Thank you to our wonderful MSU student neighbors for taking Persephone in and caring so wonderfully for her. A special thanks to LostMyKitty for providing the flyer. ??

May, 4 2023

Found Cat Gucci


Domestic Long Hair

I really had no hope my kitty would return. He was missing for over two days and does not have front claws (was like this when I rescued him). I found this site and randomly posted his info not expecting anything to come of it. Two hours later…. There was a post on my humane society’s Facebook page and a kind woman who was notified by ‘Lost My Kitty’ connected the dots and we are able to reunite once the shelter opens tomorrow morning. I am so beyond grateful for this site.

March, 14 2023

Found Cat Everest


Domestic Long Hair

This definitely helped get the word out! We got numerous calls from people in the area who had gotten the amber alert— that helped keep our hopes high and our search active. In the end he found his own way home, but I believe it was partially due to us not giving up and continuing our search and marking sure people knew who Everest was and what he looked like. It’s very possible our presence in the areas left more scent for him to find his way home since he hadn’t gone too far. This definitely helps!

February, 17 2023

Found Cat Hector


I was trying everything and decided to list with Lostmykitty to check all the boxes. 30 minutes later, I walked into a veterinarian in our area to drop off a LOST poster. The nice employee turned around and pointed at the bulletin board and asked, “that kitty?” They had just received the fax from Lostmykitty and already had it posted. What a wonderful surprise. Thanks for all your help.

January, 18 2023

Found Cat Gypsy


Domestic Short Hair

My cat has been missing for almost 5 months and we were devastated. We never thought we would get her back. I was about to shell out thousands of dollars by using a pet detective, but this wonderful website was so much more helpful. Thank you so much!

January, 7 2023

Found Cat Korvo



Our kitty boy, Korvo, may not have been reunited with us specifically because of this website and tools it offers, but it helped TREMENDOUSLY! Especially since we were in a very vulnerable place with Korvo missing, and mentally/emotionally scrambled, preventing us to think straight, Lost my kitty was so helpful and easy to follow and understand. The thing that helped us the most was the email notifications it sent out to all the shelters, Vet’s, emergency Vet’s, and the group of individuals in my area that volunteer to help find lost pets! They sent me a confirmation with a list of the places it sent the email to and there were well over 50 places! We had already made a flyer to hand out to our neighbors and others on the block surrounding our house, so we didn’t need the flyer the site made, but it was great regardless. This site gave us peace of mind during a terrible time, and we were overjoyed once we were reunited with our Korvo boy!!! We have so much gratitude for Lost My Kitty, and if we ever need such services again, it will be the first place I go! ??

December, 14 2022

Found Cat Hobbes



This website was amazing. I lost my kitty six days ago and immediately went on sites to try and get his picture and info out to help me find him. Most websites were extremely expensive but lost my kitty.com was affordable and did amazing work to get out my kittys information! Thank god he just ended up showing up at 1 am at my back door where I let him out crying. He was perfectly fine just a bit skinnier and back to his old ways ! We are so happy! Thank you for all the help!

December, 6 2022

Found Cat Max


Domestic Short Hair

Max is home today safe… a little worn and 8 lbs lighter. Prayed hard and often for his return and never gave up. A loving couple found him in their neighborhood and after a few days, was able to get him to come close to bring him home. They took to vet and saw the flyer from Lostmykitty. Was contacted and brought him home this morning. And…it is my birthday today. Best gift ever!

November, 21 2022

Found Cat Mitten



We are beyond thrilled to be reunited with our cat, Mitten. The neighbors who found her (after she somehow survived being outdoors in freezing temps for 42 hours!) had received the phone alert! What a wonderful service you provide!

September, 23 2022

Found Cat Jazz or Papa

Jazz or Papa

American Shorthair

I’m soo grateful for LMK!! Our JazzPurr went missing for 3 days. He was able to find his way back home gratefully so. But, we did post the flyers and neighbors even wished us good luck via text cause he’s soo cute!! Using LMK was the fastest way to get the notice about him missing. Upon returning he was dusty and may have expeothe unknown but, physically he was okay. Things I did to help him back; I sprayed catnip that we use indoors for play around the perimeter of the house. Put his litter box on your porch Put his cage on the porch with his fav birds toy inside with a few pieces of food. By day 3 he was lingering back around. He was nervous to come back inside at first so he left again for a day. By the time he came back he was meowing loudly to come back inside. I washed him in the basement with dawn, new flea collar, and guardian drops. Left him in basement inside cage overnight to watch for scratching and to give his collar and treatment time to settle in. Now he’s back inside happy as ever admiring his belongings. Good luck to everyone still waiting and searching for their fur babies.

September, 22 2022

Found Cat Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger


I was very pleased with the services I received from LostMyKitty. The rapid response voicemail was great. I received a call from a neighbor which validated this fact. Although Tiger Tiger ultimately returned on his own, I had great peace of mind knowing how many entities were connected to his return.

August, 22 2022

Found Cat Talayeh



I'm here to tell you the the "Amber Alert" feature is worth every penny! A few neighbors spotted my cat tonight. We got one phone call, another stopped by to let me.know, and a third messaged me. All had received the alert and were keeping an eye out! Don't hesitate to get the alerts!

August, 3 2022

Found Cat Doc current pet id:116546

Doc current pet id:116546


After 9 LOOOONG MONTHS: (Truly reunited July 28, 2022) I had placed a copy of the flyer from this WONDERFUL website to approx 300 different homes and people. As well as using the flyer to post all over our community website. And after 9 months my cat trusted a woman and her family and laid down on her porch hungry and tired ready to come home. She was able to remember that she thought she saw his flyer online. She took him to the vet to get him a clean bill of health. Then on her way back home she called me and met me at my home. SHE BROUGHT BACK MY FUR BABY!! So many people would message me letting me know they thought they saw him. But this time someone actually was able to catch him and bring him home. I INSTANTLY started crying and screaming I was so excited. And I couldn't contain myself. I grabbed him out of the carrier and he took his claws out and grabbed onto me not letting me go. I tried explaining to my husband and the very nice Neighbor ( from the neighborhood nextdoor) that he isn't jumping down. Or going anywhere. I know that feeling g when he is grabbing me telling me NOT to put him down. Which he is still doing to me 5 days later. Every day he stays right by my side, when he can. And when I am in my bed he lays down on my chest and cuddles me. He doesn't let me go anywhere when he can. Almost like he is afraid I am going to be leaving him. I won't EVER leave him again. All precautions are being taken to prevent my indoor cat from getting outside again! Thank You LOST MY KITTY.COM THOSE FLYERS SAVED MY CAT!!! The small price to pay to have a flyer with a color photo, information and a way to contact me was EXTREMELY worth it.