January, 7 2021

Found Cat Heidi


Domestic Short Hair

Had a great experience with this website. I found my kitty and I believe it may have been from all the phone calls Lostmykitty placed. I think whoever had her let her go when they got the phone call along with all the posters I put up. Guilted them. Im so hapoy to have my baby girl back and she was none the worse for wear. Sobstrange!??

December, 28 2020

Found Cat Ash


Russian Blue

Ash was found a few days ago I want to commend lost my kitty for their hard work with robo calls. All of our friends received the call as well as my vet. You can reach thousands of people with this site. It is worth every penny.

December, 14 2020

Found Cat Eli



I highly recommend using this service. The word and picture were out quickly and I got a call a few hours later from the neighbor who found him. I would definitely use them again! Thank you !

December, 10 2020

Found Cat Gus Gus

Gus Gus

Domestic Short Hair

A neighbor got the phone alert a month ago and recently found a one eyed brown tabby in there basement. Remembering the description she got a hold of my number and called me. It was Gus Gus!!! He is currently undergoing medical treatment as they think he went without food and water for WEEKS but other than that he is his usual self.

November, 17 2020

Found Cat Worm


Domestic Short Hair

Lost my kitty.com was amazing! I signed up to send out the amber alert and that is what helped bring worm back home to safety. Someone received our alert and called the number. I will be sure to recommend lost my kitty.com to anyone who loses their pet but I would urge you to use the Amber alert function. It was worth every penny!

November, 7 2020

Found Cat Toot



LostMyKitty did a fantastic job alerting my area about my missing cat. She was gone for 13 days. This afternoon, she just magically showed up just across the street. She is a bit skinny but otherwise appears clean and healthy. It appears that someone had been keeping her. I think perhaps the Amber Alert sent out by this site may have been the impetus that convinced them to let her out. Thank you so much,!!

November, 6 2020

Found Cat Cachichis


American Shorthair

Our furbaby had been lost for almost 1 month after having been lost by our veterinarian. A wonderful lady recognized him after our cat showed up at her home to feed. She had received the amber alert phone call and it stayed in her mind. She then found our kitty's flyer and called us. That same day our baby was back home safe and healthy as ever!!! I'm so thankful LostMyKitty!!! The best service to find your lost pet everyone!!! Don't think twice about it! So glad we didn't because he is now HOME!

November, 1 2020

Found Cat Mordecai


Russian Blue

LostmyKitty was so helpful with resources, flyers and support from one webpage! Thank you!!

October, 25 2020

Found Cat Henry


Domestic Short Hair

I recently used LostmyLitty to get the word out about my lost cat. He came back on his own thankfully but it was comforting knowing that the site had made contact with area vets and rescue groups . It is a great feature and very useful.

October, 20 2020

Found Cat Sully


Domestic Short Hair

The lostmykitty phone calls led to a call from a gentlemen that thought he saw our cat behind his house. we weren't able to find him right away, but we put flyers in the area where the gentleman lived. The lady who did eventually find him (he was going to her back door) had taken a picture of the flyer and called us when she found him 10 days after that 1st phone call on our anniversary! This is from the very first batch of phone calls that went out the system really works!

October, 7 2020

Found Cat Kitana



Kitana was let out from my lanai August 26th. She is finally home safe after 6 weeks. Thank you so much to lostmykitty and all who have helped. Never give up on your lost pet. We can not be more thankful for this service.

October, 3 2020

Found Cat RJ


it was very upsetting and i cried everyday that he was gone, now that hes home im estatic! thank you for your help

October, 1 2020

Found Cat Mano



I love this website. Because of the amber alert I was able to find my kitty. We are so glad she is back home.

September, 29 2020

Found Cat dusty


Domestic Short Hair

Because of this website and the flyers Dusty was found! I will highly recommend this service to anyone that’s lost their pet.

September, 17 2020

Found Cat Ares


Bengal Cat

The phone calls that went out to my neighbors were a huge help! I received 2 calls in response to let me know Ares had been sighted and then found. Thank you so much for all the help!