November, 27 2021

Found Cat Dusty


Would just like to share how thankful I am for the quick response to the lost cat posting. Literally in less than an hour I received a phone call and so thankful that the person viewing the post seem to truly care about animals and actively review the website. I would certainly recommend this site to anyone! thanks again! :)

November, 26 2021

Found Cat Cannoli


American Shorthair

Cannoli is back home. Gone 24 hours and our hearts were broken every minute. When she returned, our prayers were answered. I did receive a phone call from someone in the neighborhood after getting the alert for her. We still have a feral cat missing since last year (Mittie/Mittens), but when posted on LostMyKitty, we did receive a few phone calls of possible sightings. Unfortunately, she was never found. Regardless of Cannoli's return, it was well worth the investment to have more "eyes" on the lookout for her. Thank you to everyone, and I pray for all the lost to return home or be found. We do not need more broken hearts in the world, or missing/maimed animals. Bless all the little ones, especially those ferals and other animals who are lost, missing, or just outdoors trying to survive against the elements or cars striking them. Best to all.

November, 24 2021

Found Cat Izabel


American Shorthair

This site works! My Izabel was missing for 4 days before she just decided to come home one night, totally unexpected. So where does this site come in? Well, hours after Izzy came home, I received a message from a neighbor who had seen her! He provided a detailed description and his location. Luckily for me, my Izzy came home before I had a chance to check out his location. But it proved to me that people DO visit this site. Had Izabel not come home that night, this neighbor would have at least given me a general area to look in. Thank you SO much, LostMyKitty!

November, 3 2021

Found Cat callie


Our cat, Callie, was missing for 4 days. On day 2, I printed the flyer that lostmykitty.com made for me and we posted all around our neighborhood. When a neighbor saw a cat sleeping on his front porch chair, he recognized her from the flyer. He emailed, texted and called me as well as posting a potential sighting on lostmykitty.com's alert page. In the traumatic experience of losing a beloved furry child, i didn't have to worry or think about what to put on a flyer and design it. I also got an immediate alert when the neighbor posted. LostMyKitty was instrumental in getting Callie home.

October, 22 2021

Found Cat Harley and Jinx

Harley and Jinx


This was THE best service ever! Money well spent and very compassionate, thank you!

September, 21 2021

Found Cat Jareth


Domestic Medium Hair

Jareth went missing March 19, 2021. I thought I would never see him again or worse. I happened to check my email September 21, and saw an email from lostmykitty.com with a phone number and a name. I assumed it was spam but texted anyway. I’m so glad I did because someone had him on their patio that same night and found my 6 month old listing on this sight and found me on Facebook as well! I headed to her location after work, walked around for about 30 mins, and when I came back to my car he was sitting right there waiting for me. I am forever grateful to have my son back home!

June, 15 2021

Found Cat Columbus


Domestic Medium Hair

Even though we found our cat via our own luck and hard work, LostMyKitty really delivered on what it promised- when we were handing out flyers door to door, two of our neighbors told us that they had received the LostMyKitty phone call notifying them of our missing cat. Also, after ordering our second round of calls, we actually received the notification call on our own cell phone; the message was very descriptive and professional. Had our cat remained at large longer, I have no doubt that the calls would've really made a difference in bringing her home. Recommended!

June, 15 2021

Found Cat Piper


Domestic Short Hair

What an amazing service this company provides. I had immediate interactive chat with a representative and they walked me through things step-by-step. This company is very compassionate and very helpful. 100% recommend.

May, 12 2021

Found Cat Shyboy


Domestic Short Hair

Best spent $40 of my life for the amber alert. My neighbor called immediately to let me know our cat was eating her cat food in her driveway. Success!

May, 7 2021

Found Cat Jeannie (Heather )

Jeannie (Heather )

Domestic Short Hair

Such a great site! This really provided me with peace of mind while I was searching for my lost cat. Knowing others are alerted really helps!

May, 1 2021

Found Cat Ginger


Domestic Long Hair

A miracle just happened- just about an hour ago we found our Ginger thanks to LostMyKitty. Ginger had been going to the same backyard for the past week, the gentleman that lives there started to feed him and built enough trust for Ginger to allow him to approach it to clean up the matted hair and bring him inside his garage as to keep him safe. This gentleman than proceeded to put an add here on LostMyKitty.com and I received an email immediately following this kind gentleman’s add around 8:30 pm informing me of a new “Ginger” cat that had been found. My kids and I immediately went to the area listed on the add and for our surprise we heard our Ginger meow across the garage door when he heard us calling for him. My daughter was not about to go home without him and although was very late past 10:30 pm we got the neighbors calling and my daughter knocking on the door for about 20 minutes until this angel of a man was woken up and opened the door with the kindest smile and warmest welcome and led us into his home to reunite us with our sweet boy. What an amazing gift of luck. It's the most incredible story- the fact that Ginger had been gone since March 18th and was found in a complete different neighborhood across the freeway it's simply amazing that he is alive and well with a few minor scrapes and a little dirty from his wild adventures. The most important thing is that he is healthy, happy and he is home again??????thank you one and all for your wonderful support, care and consideration. I love this amazing service this website provided. So grateful ?????? Suheila

April, 4 2021

Found Cat Rambo


Wonderful service that taught me so much with tips on how to go about getting our cat home and helped spread the word to get back our Rambo. The flyers and emailing, faxing and volunteer services are fantastic and I highly recommend lost my kitty!

April, 2 2021

Found Cat Leo



A lady called me from a neighborhood a mile away from where he escaped, she said she recognized him because she got the email from lostmykitty.com !! Definitely recommend! So happy

April, 1 2021

Found Cat Iris


American Shorthair

Our cat was missing for three days. We registered for the “meow” plan and she was found within 3 hours!! We are delighted, relieved, in tears with joy.

March, 21 2021

Found Cat Unknown


American Shorthair

Big thanks to Lost My Kitty! Owner was located and Mikey the cat was reunited after two years!