May, 1 2021

Found Cat Ginger


Domestic Long Hair

A miracle just happened- just about an hour ago we found our Ginger thanks to LostMyKitty. Ginger had been going to the same backyard for the past week, the gentleman that lives there started to feed him and built enough trust for Ginger to allow him to approach it to clean up the matted hair and bring him inside his garage as to keep him safe. This gentleman than proceeded to put an add here on LostMyKitty.com and I received an email immediately following this kind gentleman’s add around 8:30 pm informing me of a new “Ginger” cat that had been found. My kids and I immediately went to the area listed on the add and for our surprise we heard our Ginger meow across the garage door when he heard us calling for him. My daughter was not about to go home without him and although was very late past 10:30 pm we got the neighbors calling and my daughter knocking on the door for about 20 minutes until this angel of a man was woken up and opened the door with the kindest smile and warmest welcome and led us into his home to reunite us with our sweet boy. What an amazing gift of luck. It's the most incredible story- the fact that Ginger had been gone since March 18th and was found in a complete different neighborhood across the freeway it's simply amazing that he is alive and well with a few minor scrapes and a little dirty from his wild adventures. The most important thing is that he is healthy, happy and he is home again??????thank you one and all for your wonderful support, care and consideration. I love this amazing service this website provided. So grateful ?????? Suheila

April, 4 2021

Found Cat Rambo


Wonderful service that taught me so much with tips on how to go about getting our cat home and helped spread the word to get back our Rambo. The flyers and emailing, faxing and volunteer services are fantastic and I highly recommend lost my kitty!

April, 2 2021

Found Cat Leo



A lady called me from a neighborhood a mile away from where he escaped, she said she recognized him because she got the email from lostmykitty.com !! Definitely recommend! So happy

April, 1 2021

Found Cat Iris


American Shorthair

Our cat was missing for three days. We registered for the “meow” plan and she was found within 3 hours!! We are delighted, relieved, in tears with joy.

March, 21 2021

Found Cat Unknown


American Shorthair

Big thanks to Lost My Kitty! Owner was located and Mikey the cat was reunited after two years!

March, 19 2021

Found Cat Hymn (GATO)

Hymn (GATO)

Bengal Cat

Just WOW! I am so happy I decided to use you guys! For days I was breaking my head worried about my poor GATO. The same day I got so many calls to let me know the neighbors had seen him, etc. I was able to track him down! thanks to your service!!!

March, 13 2021

Found Cat Winnie


Domestic Medium Hair

My sweet girl was missing for two agonizing weeks. Thanks to Lost My Kitty and their amber alert system, we were reunited within an hour after the phone broadcast! My only regret was not doing it sooner. Thanks “Lost My Kitty”, I will forever be grateful for their services!

March, 3 2021

Found Cat Hawthorne


Domestic Short Hair

Very happy with Lost My Pet Extremely helpful they sent LostCat notices to local animal shelters and vets

February, 12 2021

Found Cat Little


Lost my kitty was extremely helpful in locating our lost cat. We used their pre made flyers to post around the neighborhood and they worked!!

February, 6 2021

Found Cat Khaleesi



Best site for lost and found! When we lost her she wasn't wearing an ID Tag. 3 days later a couple found her and thanks to LOSTMYKITTY they were able to contact us! Sooo happy we post it here!

February, 2 2021

Found Cat Dantes


Domestic Medium Hair

What a fantastic service! I was calling pet clinics all day and was so pleased when they told me they had received a missing report and his information from this site already. Even vets way outside of my county had gotten the info! It made spreading the word so efficient and easy. Dantès returned on his own about 3 days after he went missing, but I have total confidence that this service increased the chances of him getting back home to me regardless. Use this site!! It’s a lifesaver for your kitty and it will help give you peace of mind while you search for your furry best friend.

January, 24 2021

Found Cat Olive


Domestic Short Hair

Our Olive went missing for over 24 hours. We used LostMyKitty to help get the word out and it worked. She was back into our arms n it much longer than 28 hours later. Big thanks to Daniel and Shelby for their help.

January, 7 2021

Found Cat Heidi


Domestic Short Hair

Had a great experience with this website. I found my kitty and I believe it may have been from all the phone calls Lostmykitty placed. I think whoever had her let her go when they got the phone call along with all the posters I put up. Guilted them. Im so hapoy to have my baby girl back and she was none the worse for wear. Sobstrange!??

December, 28 2020

Found Cat Ash


Russian Blue

Ash was found a few days ago I want to commend lost my kitty for their hard work with robo calls. All of our friends received the call as well as my vet. You can reach thousands of people with this site. It is worth every penny.

December, 14 2020

Found Cat Eli



I highly recommend using this service. The word and picture were out quickly and I got a call a few hours later from the neighbor who found him. I would definitely use them again! Thank you !