October, 1 2020

Found Cat Mano



I love this website. Because of the amber alert I was able to find my kitty. We are so glad she is back home.

September, 29 2020

Found Cat dusty


Domestic Short Hair

Because of this website and the flyers Dusty was found! I will highly recommend this service to anyone that’s lost their pet.

September, 17 2020

Found Cat Ares


Bengal Cat

The phone calls that went out to my neighbors were a huge help! I received 2 calls in response to let me know Ares had been sighted and then found. Thank you so much for all the help!

August, 29 2020

Found Cat Presley



we had used this service years ago for our dog that was lost for over two weeks and she was found safely at 2 little boys home that wanted the reward. we have just now used the service again for our lost kitty , he had been missing for over 11 days and she arrived at our back porch today- woo hoo. ] would highly recommend this company for any lost animal!!! great job!!!!

August, 14 2020

Found Cat Potato


Domestic Long Hair

It really works! Someone received the alert and reminded the post of cat found on Nextdoor, which is the app I don't use! And she called me to get connected to the person who found my cat! We HAVE HIM BACK!!

July, 29 2020

Found Cat Sam Esper

Sam Esper

Domestic Short Hair

Thank u so much for helping me find my cat. We were all crying for her . Because of you we were able to find our cat within 14 hours after being missing . You saved our cat’s life ??

July, 28 2020

Found Cat Evie


American Shorthair

So Happy to have our little tootie back!!!! If it wasn't for this platform and all of the wonderful people's suggestions, I don't think she would have come back on her own. One happy momma.....Thank you Lostmykitty, this site was much needed to help find our kitty!!!

July, 25 2020

Found Cat LINK



Loosing my cat was extremely hard for me. Not knowing where to start or how was even more difficult. I came across LostMyKitty website while looking up shelters in the area. Caught my interest and did read through what LostMyKitty offered. Surprised that signing up was free just to get Link's(my cat)picture out there on the web. Without any hassle I was able to post a picture, flyers made and they sent out emails and a fax to all the local shelters near me. Of course nothing I did felt enough to find my fur baby so I bought the Amber Alert package deal that reached out to 500 neighbors around me! In a matter of minutes I got a phone call from someone two streets over that claimed the cat that was described in the LostMyKitty Amber Alert was eating his birds....(sounds like him). Unfortunately I did not find him at the neighbor's house but it gave me hope that more people are aware that someone is looking for what could look like a stray. Two months had gone by and I was completely depressed until a neighbor contacted me telling me that Links picture was posted on a local shelter site. LINK IS FOUND!!! Thank you to the people that created LostMyKitty because when frantic I didnt know what to do or how to go about it-LostMyKitty helped. -Danika&Link

July, 18 2020

Found Cat Hershel


Thank You so much for the quick response to my SOS!!! So happy he is home. You don't realize JUST how much you love your fur baby till they are missing.

July, 11 2020

Found Cat Monty


American Shorthair

When Monty was missing, it was nice to have outlets to help find your fur baby. Thank you

July, 10 2020

Found Cat Calli


American Shorthair

Wonderful resource! Though it took a week to find her, the support and sharing we received contributed to a happy ending!

June, 25 2020

Found Cat Lucky


American Shorthair

Worth every penny!!!!! As soon as the amber alert went out on the phones my cat was home within the hour. I highly recommend it. I don’t normally post these but I have to say I am highly impressed and beyond satisfied.

June, 23 2020

Found Cat Ripley


American Shorthair

Thank you so much for offering this service. I was blown away by how quickly your team went to work. The phone calls were amazing. They got such great responses. People called and texted me with any possible information they had and even were double-checking shelters on our behalf. We are so glad Ripley is home safe.

June, 23 2020

Found Cat Goose


Domestic Short Hair

Getting the word out to neighbors was key to get our cat Goose home after 37 days! We used the flyers and the telephone alerts to get the word out with this and posting on local community sites we were able to get Goose back home. Within a few hours of the alters we were receiving messages from neighbors so we knew they all were on alert! A month later a neighbor reached out with a picture of her under her shed! We were able to get her out with food and bring her back home safe and sound!

June, 15 2020

Found Cat Blaze


This service is amazing! I started getting calls within an hour of joining. I'm so glad I discovered this site and would use again 100%! Thank you!