June, 1 2020

Found Cat Tucker



What a wonderful website that makes exposure for your lost pet all over the Hudson valley! I would recommend theirs services to anyone. Thank you ??

May, 26 2020

Found Cat Runt


American Shorthair

I was very impressed with the support from lostmykitty.com. The "amber alert" feature is very well done. I was reluctant to intrude on my neighbors in this way. But I found the recording very professional, accurate, brief, and to the point. No one I encountered was at all upset by the call - just the opposite. I received a number of calls based on the alert and it raised general awareness dramtically in our neighborhood, Runt came home on his own after a week. But "sightings" helped us comb the area and get a general sense of where he might be. Nightime walks and calling in that area led him home I believe. Would definitely recommend this to others. Thank You!

May, 24 2020

Found Cat KITTEN


Domestic Medium Hair

Lost my Kitty was a comfort and help when my kitty did not return - I felt they were there and I was not alone - Their advise helped me with posters - contacting shelters and a direction to move - my kitty did show up after five days. I have no explanation but I’m very grateful for lost my kitties help.

May, 24 2020

Found Cat Mick pronounced meek

Mick pronounced meek

American Shorthair

LostMyKitty.com helped me immensely to find my missing cat. They made sure everyone was aware of my cat missing and finally, a week after we applied, Mick McMeow was found!

May, 15 2020

Found Cat Puddy (Barnaby)

Puddy (Barnaby)

Maine Coon

Very impressed with the speed and professionally prepared flyers. I was appreciative of the 25 vets and organizations that were notified. Well worth the money for choosing extras. An amazing bargain for the free option! ??

May, 11 2020

Found Cat Latte



This service was amazing! Because of the flyers that were created, I was able to post them up in my neighborhood and my Latte was brought home. I have told some friends that have pets about this service and are excited something like this exists. Katie

May, 9 2020

Found Cat Perla


Domestic Short Hair

I found her after 23 days!! She was at another street in front of where I live! ????

April, 30 2020

Found Cat Gus


We opened the door this morning to a wonderful surprise: Gus came home! Thanks to everyone for spreading the work and the unbelievable support :)

April, 30 2020

Found Cat Binx


American Shorthair

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if this service was legit or not, but this was the sole reason I found my kitty Binx!! Our neighbor found him in her yard, and when we went to pick him up, she actually told us she knew because she got our amber alert. Well worth the money.

April, 29 2020

Found Cat David


Domestic Long Hair

It worked so fast. Neighbors and friends contacted me saying, I don’t know how you did it but I got your call and alerts regarding David! They were out to help. This service contacts everyone near by and you don’t have to worry about not having their phone number or email! Thank you so much!

April, 15 2020

Found Cat Sacha


Bengal Cat

Thank you for offering the printable fliers with your other services because that is what got us reunited!! We printed about 20 and handed them out and taped them to neighbors doors and two different neighbors spotted him and called us and we got him safely home!! Thank you for your service!!!!!!

April, 11 2020

Found Cat Leo


Reading the advice given, we were able to get our kitty back home safe & sound!

March, 18 2020

Found Cat Spike


We were so frantic after losing Spike but Lostmykitty helped us tremendously. With their help we were able to put out a beautiful flyer quickly and we had options for upgrades of pet Amber Alerts! It was comforting to have help in such a desperate time when your searching for your fur baby!

March, 14 2020

Found Cat KittyBoo


Domestic Short Hair

With in an hour of posting my lost kitty ad on here, my KittyBoo came home. He had been missing for 5 days. If someone had taken him into their house and saw my lost kitty post my whole family want to thank you for letting him come home... For the past 2 days he has stayed right next to his daddy. He is very happy to be home too.

February, 28 2020

Found Cat Mittens


Domestic Short Hair

This service was great! We spread the word out there thanks to the signs and the neighbors called to let us know our cat was still out there alive. Today we searched in the area where he was last spotted and found him. He is home again and we couldn’t be more thankful! Thanks lost my kitty from the bottom of our hearts