February, 15 2020

Found Cat Tibby


American Shorthair

Lostmykitty was a great resource that provided the tools we needed to bring our kitty home. THANK YOU!!!

February, 6 2020

Found Cat Stormy


Domestic Short Hair

Our sweet outdoor cat, Stormy, went missing on New Year's Eve, 12/31/19. We think he may have been frightened from the yard by fireworks not too far away. Being able to use LostMyKitty to help us find our precious Stormy gave us hope that he might be found. We spent several weeks searching for him and passing out flyers. To my surprise, he showed up in our yard on Wednesday, 2/5, several weeks after going missing. We had a wonderful reunion. Stormy is back home being spoiled. We will never know what happened to him, but we want others to know we have great confidence in the outreach of LostMyKitty. Never give up if your kitty goes missing. We believe Stormy's return is an absolute answer to prayer.

January, 24 2020

Found Cat Capone


Excellent locating service. I received updates on searches. They sent out alerts to several vets and people in my area. Very professional!

January, 23 2020

Found Cat Scampy


Maine Coon

I am grateful for this service being available in my time of need! Thank you Lost My Kitty and thank you everyone who took the time to look and to pass it on. Kitty found!

January, 8 2020

Found Cat Gray Kitty

Gray Kitty

Domestic Short Hair

This is a wonderful site to aid in finding a lost pet!! It gets word to people and places that cover so much area! We have found our Gray Kitty and I had renewed hope when using the site.

December, 27 2019

Found Cat Bristol


Domestic Short Hair

We are SO happy that we have Bristol back!! She was found by someone in the area who saw the flier, created by this site. We are VERY thankful we posted on this site and would highly recommend this service. Thank you!!

November, 12 2019

Found Cat Mocha



After 2 weeks to the day after he got out, our Beautiful furbaby is home. Thanks to all the alerts and shares, some neighbors saw him in their yard took a picture and sent it to other neighbors who called us. Long story short hours later our Mocha is safe and sound at home. Thank you so very much everyone who share and kept me encouraged. Couldn’t have done it without you!??????

October, 26 2019

Found Cat Pepper


It turns out the cat was stuck in the upstairs bedroom in a neighbor's house. If they hadn't received the alert they never would have looked. Reunited 30 minutes after signing on the alert. Well done LostMyKitty.

October, 2 2019

Found Cat Nel


My escaped cat was found shortly after the phone alert was sent out. I received a call with the exact location she was spotted and was able to bring her home safely. Thank you !

July, 23 2019

Found Cat Luna


Domestic Short Hair

This service was amazing! We lost our cat and posted right away to the site. They faxed our local vets and shelters at no cost. Three weeks later I received a message from someone in the community who had found her!!!

July, 9 2019

Found Cat Eli


Domestic Short Hair

Grateful to LostMyKitty for all their services. I was distraught when Eli got out. The site rapidly coordinated ALL details online and got the workout to many important places. The poster was great and so easy to print and post. The exposure is key. Thank you LostMyKitty.com Diane T

July, 9 2019

Found Cat Momo



Although my pet was not found using this service, it did fulfill its promises. Neighbors received the missing pet call and I even received phone calls where people would ask where he was last seen so they could help. Every day people would tell me not to lose hope, and it was very hard to not do so. Without the cushion of comfort this service provided I would’ve been a wreck 24/7. Thank you, lostmykitty.com

July, 5 2019

Found Cat Apollo



This site works, received a call about my cat after 6 hours of utilizing there services and posting there posters. Thank you findmykitty.com

May, 21 2019

Found Cat Fancy Zimmerman

Fancy Zimmerman

Fancy is home !! I went for a walk with Emmie and my little sister and called for Fancy. Wouldn't you know it; she started meowing from the gutter drainage in front of the house 3 doors down. We got food and I got down on the ground and reached down in the gutter and one she smelled food she came closer. I grabbed her up and brought her home ! She needs a bath and looks rough ; but so thankful to find her . Thanks to all of my neighbors and family who were so helpful ! Lost My Kitty is a great platform to help keep the hope alive and assist with finding pets.

May, 15 2019

Found Cat Olive


Domestic Short Hair

Thank you for letting me post my lost little cat here - when you are missing a beloved cat, it helps to know that the information is out there readily available to animal lovers everywhere. My Olive will sleep soundly in her owners bed tonight - we are so glad to be reunited with her after 4 stressful days!