July, 12 2018

Found Cat Pumpkin


Pumpkin was missing for five days. Two days after the automated calls went out from lostmykitty.com, a neighbor in the next street over from mine, spotted pumpkin and called me right away. If it wasn’t for the missing cat alerts, she may still be lost. Thank you to lostmykitty.com for providing such an excellent service!!

June, 27 2018

Found Cat Cero


Domestic Short Hair

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you are all doing by helping us pet parents, reunite with our furbabies. God bless you all for the hope He sends us through your website. I will 100% recommend your website!

June, 20 2018

Found Cat Begemot



Our cat was trapped in neighbors garage for two days, the phone alert helped as people talked and shared info about lost cat, so neighbors recall and relate found cat to us.

June, 5 2018

Found Cat Bandit



We are so grateful for all the help from the people that use this site. I can't tell you how happy we are that Bandit is back~~

May, 4 2018

Found Cat Baby


Excellent Website. I really hope I never have to use this again, but if I do, I will definitely use Lostmykitty again, and will recommend this site to family and friends??

April, 20 2018

Found Cat Molly


Oriental Shorthair

One day after posting a free lost notice, I got a call that someone local had my adored little kitty. She's home after 6 days away and very happy, not to mention her mom! Thanks so much everyone.

March, 30 2018

Found Cat Jackson


American Shorthair

Thanks to your service, Jackson is home safe and sound. Our neighbors got the call and were able to coax him home. Very grateful to have him back!

March, 7 2018

Found Cat Pierre


Domestic Short Hair

I've had two experiences with lost my kitty and both have been successful within just a few days. I'm very grateful for this service as it helps spread the news quickly and efficiently of a lost pet- which is really the only thing one can do in these types of situations in hope of a reunion. Thank you for helping me locate my handsome Pierre!

February, 22 2018

Found Cat Link


Domestic Short Hair

Lostmykitty.com helped me find direction when my baby boy Link got out of our window into the big city. Fortunately he came back after spending all night outside in the rain!!

January, 9 2018

Found Cat Oscar


My cat Oscar was lost for 7 months when I got an email saying that someone found him! My number had unfortunately changed right before he went missing, so his tag was basically useless. However the lady who found him saw his name and googled him. She ended up on this site and was able to find my post! We were reunited 2 days later. Thank you so much for helping me find my kitty!

December, 21 2017

Found Cat Meeko



The call they make to local residents helped find my cat! He was in a neighbors basement. They have a cat door leading in. So happy to be reunited with my sweet boy!

December, 13 2017

Found Cat Cricket


Domestic Medium Hair

LostMyKitty is a genuine and helpful service. Immediately after submitting my information, I received a list of local businesses, rescue operations, and veterinary clinics that received faxes and/or emails regarding our missing cat, Cricket. Within an hour, my neighbors started receiving the phone call alerts. In fact, it was a neighbor a block away who had received a call about Cricket that found her and contacted us. We're so happy to be reunited with our beloved pet, and LostMyKitty helped make it happen. Thanks!

November, 18 2017

Found Cat Vash


American Shorthair

Our cat managed to travel 100 miles away from our home! lostmykitty.com sent posters with his information to the vets and shelters local to where his collar was found, and a resident of the area recognized him as the stray who was living in front of her house! Thank you lostmykitty.com!!

November, 1 2017

Found Cat Tyler


American Shorthair

It is a terrible feeling when you lose a pet. I did everything I could think of, but by upgrading, lostmykitty called my neighbors and Tyler was home in a few hours. So so happy thank you!! It worked.

October, 24 2017

Found Cat Jack


American Shorthair

Thank you so much for all of your efforts in helping us reconnect with our dear sweet Jack!!! He is happy to be home and we can finally sleep at night ??????