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Total: 1063 stories


Found 2 Lenny

Pet Owner: Donald S. (NY)Pet Name: LennyDate Lost: 12/10/2016

Although Lenny came back on his own we very much support services lot


Found 2 Tater

Pet Owner: Jeannie B. (PA)Pet Name: TaterDate Lost: 12/26/2016Date Found: 01/14/17

We could not be more happier that our furry friend found his way home after 20 days. He came to the window at our front door!! Skinny as a rail, matted and covered in ticks. Although he may have made his own way home without the help of anyone... We are incredibly grateful to have a website like to relieve our worrying and to help get the word out to people that we may not be able to reach. I work at an animal hospital and until this happened to me I had no clue that this website was such an amazing recovery system. There are so many options for helping and continuing to resource days and months after. I will make sure this is the first site I refer clients to who go through what my family just has. Thankful for all your help!!


Found 2 Lion

Pet Owner: Joyce K. (PA)Pet Name: LionDate Lost: 01/05/2017Date Found: 01/09/17

This is the second time we've used LostMyKitty, and both times it brought great results, and did so quickly. Hopefully there won't be a third time, but if our escape artist does manage to bolt, we'll definitely be back here!


Found 2 Unknown

Pet Owner: Zach M. (OH)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 01/05/2017Date Found: 01/07/17

Found a cat and posted a picture to Lost My Kitty. The owner saw the picture on Facebook and contacted me within 12 hours of posting. Great lost pet service website!


Found 2 JJ

Pet Owner: Angela G. (KS)Pet Name: JJDate Lost: 01/04/2017Date Found: 01/05/17

I was worried sick when I could not find my kitten right before a big snow storm and then I stumbled across this site. My mind started to race with horrible thoughts and I had no idea what to do fist after I searched the neighborhood. Then after reading the website my mind was put somewhat as ease when this service took the troubles and guess work out of not knowing what to do next. All the proper places were contacted at once for free and before I knew it I had a flyer with her picture and could start asking around. The day was almost over and the sun was going down it had now been twelve hours and no sign of her. Nearing the single digits and the snow had started falling and I knew I was running out of time. I took one last idea and put some tuna in a paper towel and hung it from the tree in my backyard where I saw her last. Minutes started to feel like hours and just when I had almost given up hope, she was at the door ready to come in. I hope this success story and this service helps you find peace when searching for a lost loved one, as it did for me when I found Jae Jay.


Found 2 Walter

Pet Owner: DONNA B. (IL)Pet Name: WalterDate Lost: 11/26/2016Date Found: 01/04/17

Thank you so much for helping me find my kitty.


Found 2 Rose

Pet Owner: Kristin J. (PA)Pet Name: RoseDate Lost: 12/26/2016Date Found: 01/02/17

While my cat did come home on her own it made me feel reassured knowing that many people could see her missing poster and that local shelters and vets knew she was missing in case someone found her and brought her to one of them. I cannot stress how much this helped me. I will definitely recommend this to anyone I know and (god forbid) use this service again in the future if necessary.


Found 2 Casper

Pet Owner: Lisa G. (NY)Pet Name: CasperDate Lost: 12/23/2016Date Found: 12/27/16

Hi All, Even though I had found my lost kitten I had so much hope knowing about this service. Thank you for your time & effort! It is appreciated. Blessing, Lisa & Casper


Found 2 Romeo

Pet Owner: Christina G. (MD)Pet Name: RomeoDate Lost: 12/17/2016

The flyers were extremely useful. Thank you so much for all your help!


Found 2 Greyson

Pet Owner: Connie R. (PA)Pet Name: GreysonDate Lost: 12/26/2016Date Found: 12/27/16

Thank you for all the quick responses and advice on how to get my greyson back. It is all very appreciated. He is back home and safe.


Found 2 Bob or Simba

Pet Owner: Brian C. (VA)Pet Name: Bob or SimbaDate Lost: 11/19/2016Date Found: 12/25/16

I am not sure what all to say, other than thank you. Your service sent me an email because apparently a lady that found Bob contacted this web site. I had posted a missing report with every site I could find, but apparently this lady came across Bob's ad on this site. Bob was missing for nearly 7 weeks. He has lost about 6 lbs during that time, but he is okay otherwise. All of these services have value and merit, but in the end it was that put Bob back where he belongs.


Pet Owner: Jennifer D. (UT)Pet Name: SamDate Lost: 12/09/2016

Keep hope keep trying it can happen!!!


Found 2 Tiger

Pet Owner: Mary E. (OH)Pet Name: TigerDate Lost: 12/18/2016

I,thankfully, found Tiger, my cat, the next day,in the neighborhood,and he is home safe now. When I lost him, I immediately thought of, which I had contacted about another cat previously,that also turned up. But, again, the emails from Lostmykitty,and knowing there was help if I had needed it, was a great comfort, and gave a sense of hope that help is out there,and that means so much when going through the trauma of losing a pet.I appreciate your site very much!


Found 2 Sassy

Pet Owner: Karen G. (CO)Pet Name: SassyDate Lost: 12/06/2016Date Found: 12/12/16

I want to thank you for the service that you provide for pet owners whose pets get lost. I was devastated about my cat Sassy getting out of my garage. She is an indoor cat and doesn't have any experience with having to survive on her own or protect herself. And of course she chose the coldest night of the year to get out. Without your service I wouldn't have found her. While I was canvassing my neighborhood and putting up fliers on my neighbors' doors, she was already at Foothills Animal Shelter after being picked up on the median at 104th and Sheridan Blvd. That is miles out of my neighborhood. I would never have looked at their website without your help. I could not imagine her getting out of my neighborhood, much less being so many miles away. I was afraid that she had either frozen to death, or been run over or killed by a predator. I was to the point of praying that she had been picked up by someone who would be a good cat owner, just so that she could be alive. When I called Foothills after seeing her picture, she had already been there for four and a half days. They only keep cats for five days. So I rescued her just in time. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Karen Greene


Pet Owner: Carol w. (NY)Pet Name: GraceDate Lost: 11/11/2016

While my kitty, Grace, came home on her own I had received several calls from local Vets who had similar looking cats come in that were lost/strayed. I credit that to your service. I appreciate the kindness, understanding and helpful information given to me by your staff.
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