July, 12 2015


I lost my cat when he wandered off in our new neighborhood. I was skeptical of this site, and after I spent the money I was pretty sure it was. Then, after two weeks and pretty much giving up, I got a call from someone who'd found him! She had gotten one of the calls from you. It worked. Thank you. Tony

June, 10 2015


Russian Blue

I recommend this company highly! They did all they said they would. My boy is home! Multiple neighbors told me they got the call and the whole neighborhood was on the lookout.

June, 5 2015


Domestic Long Hair

Lucy returned home safe and sound and I was very impressed by the services provided by LostMyKitty.com. As I was going door- to -door, people mentioned they had just received the phone call about Lucy being missing. The calls I received in response to the pet alerts continued for several days and came from a wide area around my immediate area in the town. It was heartwarming to hear that so many people cared about an animal being lost. One man called to say he hadn't seen Lucy but gave me his hopes that she would return. Renewed some faith in my fellow human beings. Thank you for rendering this service to help in finding our "furkids".

May, 16 2015


Domestic Short Hair

Hello! We found Toni! About an hour after you left the voice message! A homeowner approximately 1/4 mile away called me about Toni. They saw a black cat hanging under their deck over the weekend and somehow knew that it was Toni. We rescued him the very next day! We would not have found him if it weren't for lostmykitty.com. This is one of the happiest days of my life and i owe it all to you and the wonderful family that found him. Toni is my 3 year old best buddy and he has been smiling ever since Toni came home. It is truly a miracle. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely, Kathy ps I left you an email Wednesday evening after Toni came home to share in the good news.

May, 13 2015


Exotic cat

The quick service was great!!! The service is an awesome one to know!!! The calls and emails and faxes were a blessing to know you have all that help. One stop source for help. It was a great experience to have the reliable source with multiple services!!!

May, 10 2015


Domestic Long Hair

One of my neighbors saw a flyer at her vet's office and forwarded it to me. It was due to that posting on your site that I was able to pinpoint the neighborhood where Zelda had gone and was eventually able to find her.

February, 8 2015


Domestic Short Hair

I JUST GOT HIM BACK!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I signed up for the calls last thursday and I got lots of call backs and I just got back from picking him up from the neighborhood behind us (it is sunday)! He went missing 1/27/15 6:00am and we just got him back 2/8/15 10:45pm. And it is because of the amber alert calls! 3 days after The calls went out My cat was found!!! I will recommend this site for anyone who loses their pet! It is all because of this service I found my little guy Dash. He is home safe and sound, purring and loving as he always was. Thank you so much for all you did, this site and the services are well worth the money and the effort you put in in response time is fantastic! Thank you again! With Love, Dash and The Weavers! <3

January, 9 2015


Maine Coon

This service helped us very much! We had so many people calling to let us know they saw our missing pet and because of this, we were able to track him down. All the animal hospitals were aware because of the faxes, we are very happy we used LostMyKitty.com, I would highly recommend their services.

December, 8 2014


American Shorthair

After 10 days of searching we've found Tillie! She was one house away. The neighbor had left a door open and she sneaked into their basement. They have three dogs so she was afraid and hid. Yesterday they heard noises in the basement and thought it was a raccoon. They set a live trap and caught her at midnight. Not wanting to wake us they waited until we got home from work to bring her home. There are a lot of feral cats in the area so I didn't expect it to be our cat but there she was. Scared, hungry, thirsty and starved for attention. I have looked and looked for the last 10 days. I put up posters, knocked on doors and walked and walked different neighborhoods at lunch and after work. Lost My Kitty was a huge help in getting many, many people looking with us. I had many phone calls and emails from kind people offering help and suggestions. What a wonderful service. Don't give up hope. I wish all of you the joy of finding your lost cat. Have a very Merry Christmas!

November, 21 2014



While I found my cat Captain by using a trap in my back yard rather than through the lostmykitty.com service directly, I can definitely say that lostmykitty.com does what they say they do! I had calls from dozens of neighbors who had heard the recorded message and seen my kitty recently, so I know that the calls had been made, that people were looking for him, and that he was still nearby. Knowing that really helped me push on and keep trying everything I could, and I finally found him!

October, 18 2014



So many members of my community told me they'd gotten the recorded phone call about Dusty. I know it helped keep her fresh on their minds. What a wonderful service. Dusty is back home after being spotted by several neighbors on a nearby street. They called me right away. One of them said to me, "You advertise well!" Thank you so much, lostmykitty.com!

October, 14 2014



I love this site! it helped me so much! I found both of my cats! and recommended it to everyone! I even notified the Animal Control here in town about it! I hope everyone starts using it! THIS SITE IS GREAT! Thank you So MUCH!!!

October, 1 2014



By using LostMyKitty, many of our neighbors were quickly informed and helped us to track the location of our Tuxxie. We knew he was safe and close to home and were able to bring him back at just the right moment!

September, 3 2014


Domestic Medium Hair

My Houdini was missing for 18 days and I honestly thought I would never see him again. In the end it was one of the Lost My Kitty flyers that we handed out to our neighbors that made the difference. He's a few pounds lighter and looking pretty worn out but he was so happy to be home and I am beyond words for how happy I am to have him back in my arms. Don't give up hope! It was the testimonials of those who had found their cats weeks and even months after losing them that gave me a small bit of hope that Houdini might come back to me. I would encourage you to personally hand out flyers to your neighbors. It makes it more personal than a phone call or email and in the end that's what helped get my kitty back to me. Best of luck!

July, 7 2014


Domestic Short Hair

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! The phone calls to neighbors in the next subdivision, helped me locate my Stoli!! I would never have thought to look there, if someone hadn't received a call and notified me that he had spotted him earlier. Worth every penny!!