Reunited on 06/05/15
I'm glad to report we found our lost Ms Kitty. She disappeared from our backyard on June 2nd. She is normally an indoor cat-although we occasionally let her get some fresh air in our backyard. One second I was in the backyard with the cat, I stepped inside briefly to grab a bottle of water and when I came back she was gone. This happened around 8pm and my wife and I spent the next 2 days and nights desperately searching around our neighborhood. We also posted her picture on several websites like lostmykitty.com and kept an eye on the local shelters online to see if she happened to be returned there. Suffice to say we were both very close to our 1 year old cat and we were both filled with a sense of grief as 1 night turned into 2 nights without our kitty and so on. The worst part was not knowing what had happened and whether she was suffering, hungry, or worse.We read plenty of articles online that advised that we to keep walking our neighborhood calling out the cats name. Most of these articles also said that an indoor cat usually doesn't stray too far from home and often times is holed up somewhere nearby too afraid to come out or respond. On the 3rd night we decided to walk our neighborhood again right after dinner -as we passed a group of trees on the corner we heard a familiar "meow" coming from one of the trees. Lo and behold we found our little kitty atop one of the biggest trees. We tried coaxing her out of the tree for 2 hours . She was too afraid to come down. We called our local fire dept and they were nice enough to send out a truck but the fireman in charge said that at that height with the current conditions(it was dark around 10pm at this point) that they could not risk it. They told us to leave some food at the bottom of the tree and the cat would eventually come down for food. If she was still in the tree the next day they would attempt to get her down. Not wanting to risk having our cat exposed for another night my wife and I decided to get our own ladder and Try to get Kitty out of the tree. It worked!!! With a little ingenuity and the expert climbing skills of my wife we were able to get her down on our own. 3 nights in the tree she was back with us- a little bewildered , hungry, and dehydrated but ultimately okay. Not the typical lost and found story but I just want to put it out there that you should NEVER give up looking if your let us lost. Keep checking your neighborhood, calling out to your cat,pray, and be determined. It worked for us!

Ms. Kitty

Domestic Short Hair

Pet Details

Pet Name:
Ms. Kitty

(ID# 17811)

Pet Type:
Pet Breed:
Domestic Short Hair, Siamese
Pet Color:
White, Tan
Date Lost:
(916) 761-9761
Area Last Seen:

95758 (ELK GROVE, CA)


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