Reunited on 02/20/23
Chanel London traveled all the way to then lake where she was last seen on the 9th after getting out of the house, I got desperate and me and my daughter went and sprinkled her cat food, cat litter and pieces of my hair from my brush and pieces from rugs in the house and these from where she was last seen all the way to the house on both sides of the roads to the lake and that was on the 16th last week and two days later she shows up on the video camera, (Saturday) but wouldn’t come to us bc she was so scared! We bought a trap tonight and didn’t take long when she got hungry to walk right in! ???? I just can’t believe a house cat being in the house for 10 years literally could live that long out there!! But she did!! Praise God!!

Chanel London


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Pet Name:
Chanel London

(ID# 147583)

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Pet Color:
Grey-Silver, White
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Chanel London is a Ragdoll whom is 10 years old. She gets wild ideas once in a blue moon and decides to sneak out of the house, well with our family of 4 including young children they left the door open last week and she somehow snuck out and never came back home. She is my baby and such a sweet girl, we miss her terribly. She has crystal blue eyes and has long fluffy hair with a white chest and her breed color is (bi-color seal ragdoll). Please help bring our baby home!

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North Narrow Loop Rd and South Narrow Loop Rd/Bridges Road