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Total: 1063 stories


Found 2 Kitu

Pet Owner: Venkat N. (KY)Pet Name: KituDate Lost: 03/24/2017Date Found: 03/28/17

Thank you so much for the help. Literally 6 hours after I posted here, my cat was found. A lot of people are already part of a facebook group in our area, but the email really helped because other people started noticing the SIGN you provided, more than what I posted on facebook. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO! GOD BLESS YOU!


Found 2 Ginger

Pet Owner: Nicole L. (FL)Pet Name: GingerDate Lost: 03/22/2017Date Found: 03/23/17

Great site within hours an hour after reporting my cat lost i got emails from concerned pet lovers. Wonderful people. Thank you so much. He has returned home and fine.


Pet Owner: Regina F. (CA)Pet Name: TomDate Lost: 03/19/2017

Thank you all for your help! My Fur baby is home safe!


Found 2 Oliver

Pet Owner: David B. (CO)Pet Name: OliverDate Lost: 03/10/2017Date Found: 03/17/17

Although I found my cat without any help from this website and gave them 160$$, I still highly recommend this website for other people. They do call extensively and I had about 8 phone calls when I paid for my service about black cats around the neighborhood so it was reassuring that some people were keeping an eye out and al the animal shelters were notified. In my instance, he was behind my house about 50feet by the riverbed in thick bushes and trees. If I hadnt contually called his name at night when it's quiet and cool out I would have never known he was so close, as he made himself known on the 6th day. Then I left my door open and he came back in reluctantly and went back out, but I caught him in my garage door. But he seems quite happy noe that he's home. All help is appreciated.


Found 2 Kinky Tail

Pet Owner: Vickie B. (FL)Pet Name: Kinky TailDate Lost: 03/11/2017Date Found: 03/16/17

Lost My Kitty helped me ease my families distress over searching for our kitty. Thankfully through the flyers and the suggestions posted on the site we did reunite with our Kinky Tail!


Found 2 Moo Moo

Pet Owner: Hope M. (IN)Pet Name: Moo MooDate Lost: 03/09/2017Date Found: 03/11/17

Moo Moo was found about a half of a block away by my grandson, Zack. She had been out for 2 very cold nights. She was dirty, cold, and hungry, but physically, she is fine. Thank you for the help in getting the word out. Immediately, businesses were notified and the fliers were posted. There were friends and neighbors looking and messaging us to help find her.


Found 2 Zeus

Pet Owner: Lori T. (PA)Pet Name: ZeusDate Lost: 03/02/2017Date Found: 03/08/17

Zeus had found his way home after a week...being an indoor cat with no heavy coat in 10 degree night temp I had almost given up hope....he was scared...confused as's good to have sites like this that we can share hope with others...instincts are amazing! ..


Found 2 Nuka

Pet Owner: Yatzeni A. (CA)Pet Name: NukaDate Lost: 03/01/2017Date Found: 03/08/17

This site was extremely helpful. Even with just their free package. My cat was found about a week after we went missing. I am so grateful for all of the animal lovers than shared information and helped him get home. Believe I am now a proud member in keeping my eyes open for any other lost loved ones in my area. Thank you so much


Found 2 Kate

Pet Owner: Laisa B. (CT)Pet Name: KateDate Lost: 02/26/2017Date Found: 03/05/17

My cat was lost last Sunday, Feb. 26th and today, March 5th she has returned and we are all so happy. Thank you so much LostMyKitty for helping me spread the word about my baby Kate!


Found 2 Simon

Pet Owner: Laura M. (IL)Pet Name: SimonDate Lost: 02/27/2017Date Found: 03/05/17

Our Simon is home!!! Thank you lostmykitty for helping us put his info and photo out there. We have no idea where he was but someone definitely took him in, as tho he is thonner, he is unhurt and does not appear to have been out in severe storms and frigid weather. My son got home late and heard him yowling in some bushes down the street. He is very happy to be home!


Found 2 Zelda

Pet Owner: Stacy A. (NJ)Pet Name: ZeldaDate Lost: 02/20/2017

I am so elated to have found my kitty. She actually strolled onthe deck around 2 in the morning. She,was a little scared but she came over. So glad I had a,website to turn to in my hours of need thank you for being there.


Found 2 Chumlee

Pet Owner: Risa W. (KS)Pet Name: ChumleeDate Lost: 02/16/2017

Wonderful and easy to use! Thank you for the great service and helping me find my cat!!!!


Found 2 BABY

Pet Owner: Linda L. (PA)Pet Name: BABYDate Lost: 02/18/2017Date Found: 02/19/17

I was amazed at how fast the word got out about my missing Baby, especially on Sunday of a holiday weekend. I didn't want to waste any time and Lost My Kitty certainly did not waste any. Baby made it home on her own, but it is so nice to know I have this group to count on for help. I hope to never need them again but am so glad they're here. THANK YOU


Found 2 Jamie

Pet Owner: Jose S. (CA)Pet Name: JamieDate Lost: 11/15/2016Date Found: 02/16/17

I went outside to close the gate and I saw my cat running to me meowing very exited to see me. I got so happy in tears. He came home 8 days before my birthday. Maybe someone had my cat and saw the posting on line and decided to let him go. My cat was very healthy. He just didn't give in because he is too close to me. I would like to thank everyone for their support.


Pet Owner: Michael M. (TX)Pet Name: Little BitDate Lost: 02/09/2017

Though my cat came home on her own, knowing that the word was out there helped to make the waiting more bearable. When you don't know where your best friend is, spreading a wide net is very comforting in a terrible stressful time.
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