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Found 2 Crystal

Pet Owner: John H. (CA)Pet Name: CrystalDate Lost: 07/09/2017

Thank you for your prompt response and postings of the lost kitty. I know this to be the case as when I called several vets to be on the lookout they had received your information. She showed up late last night crying at the front door; hungry and tired but in good shape. John


Found 2 Clover

Pet Owner: Ken F. (TN)Pet Name: CloverDate Lost: 06/04/2017

Thank you for this free service. Alot of people don't like cats and its hard to ever find out what happen to your 4 legged friends when they get hurt, or get lost. We were very lucky and we found our beloved cat and she is now home with us. Thank you to everyone who helped in the search/


Found 2 Haley

Pet Owner: KC M. (NY)Pet Name: HaleyDate Lost: 07/04/2017

Hello everyone. This is Haley's guardian. Today, together with my boyfriend and his mom, we were just walking around our neighborhood calling out for her name. Suddenly, we heard her calling back to us! She was hidden among tall plants (she really does love plants lol). After exactly 7 days of missing, she's back safe and sound in our home. Thank you for everyone's support, for sharing my posts about her disappearance, and for sympathizing with our situation.


Found 2 Kitty Kitty

Pet Owner: Barbara J. (MA)Pet Name: Kitty KittyDate Lost: 07/07/2017Date Found: 07/07/17

I thank you all for your support .I appreciated your concern. Regards, Barbara Jacome .


Found 2 Blue

Pet Owner: Julie A. (TX)Pet Name: BlueDate Lost: 06/27/2017

I don't know if Lostmykitty had anything to do with my cat coming home or not . Maybe someone had him in a trap and let him loose or he'd been too hurt to get up,but finally did. But I definitely felt I had more hope. The app was perfect for printing a picture. I was in the kitchen cooking with the door open for the other cats to come in and eat . And he just walked in . Alittle slow but he could and we took to the vet. His leg and abdomen were swollen . He's still recovering with a lot of love. Thanks for being there.


Found 2 Hamilton

Pet Owner: Neal A. (OR)Pet Name: HamiltonDate Lost: 06/02/2017

It is with great pleasure and relief that I can tell you that I was able to catch my cat Hamilton, who was lost to us while camping at South Shore campground on Suttle Lake, near Sisters Oregon.  Thank God.   After being lost for 4 weeks, I finally FOUND HIM!!!! He had traveled about 1 & 1/2 miles to the Suttle Lodge and Boathouse resort. Flyers were left with the staff and they were on the look out for him. I caught him in a 2nd humane trap set on Friday night, June 30th and got him Saturday, July 1st at 5am. He is now safe at home after getting checked by the vet and is relatively healthy, no fleas or ticks found on him. He did lose about 4-5 lbs, about a 3rd of his pre-lost body weight.  Neal Andrade


Found 2 Moochie

Pet Owner: Judy C. (AZ)Pet Name: MoochieDate Lost: 06/12/0172Date Found: 07/03/17

I would like to thank everyone's efforts in finding my little Moochie. He was missing for 3 long weeks. A neighbor that knew where he lived, held him for ransom. The reward. What a horrible thing to put someone thru. I'm just glad he's home.


Found 2 Tiberius (Ti or Beery)

Pet Owner: Anne S. (MA)Pet Name: Tiberius (Ti or Beery)Date Lost: 06/20/2017

Our darling Tiberius (age 1.5, happy-go-lucky indoor cat who escaped) is safe and sound after being missing for four days and nights. He ultimately came home on his home with no injuries; he was just tired and hungry. But we really appreciated how LostMyKitty helped us spread the word and create posters that we posted throughout the neighborhood, which got everyone looking for him. I hope we won't have to use LostMyKitty again -- but if we do, I'll be grateful for the support. Thanks so much.


Found 2 Sage Greene

Pet Owner: Sheri G. (KS)Pet Name: Sage GreeneDate Lost: 06/10/2017Date Found: 06/19/17

Such a helpful service. I was distributing flyers to local vets, and one told me about how sends out flyers to local vets. Much better than me trying to reach them all. A neighbor ended up finding our cat, but I was very pleased with the help from this website.


Found 2 Nevaeh

Pet Owner: Linda C. (FL)Pet Name: NevaehDate Lost: 06/16/2017

Thank you for helping spread the word about our missing kitty. Thankfully, blessed our sweet baby Nevaeh is home safe and alive.


Found 1 Coco

Pet Owner: Bill H. (CA)Pet Name: CocoDate Lost: 06/15/2017

Lost My Kitty was very helpful with the return of Coco. The call service worked as promised. As I canvassed my neighborhood looking for any sign of Coco, my neighbors would tell me that they had received the phone message. When I visited my local veterinarians, they already had the poster provided by Lost My Kitty. Ultimately it was posters that led to Coco's return. Some people from outside the neighborhood had picked Coco up. They returned to the neighborhood a few days later and saw the posters I had put up all over and called me. Coco was returned to us shortly thereafter.


Found 2 Kitty

Pet Owner: Itsel O. (CA)Pet Name: KittyDate Lost: 06/20/2017Date Found: 06/24/17

Very helpful website. Was able to found my lost kitty within a day.


Pet Owner: Tami D. (SD)Pet Name: OscarDate Lost: 06/14/2017

I am impressed with this site because they do not require you to pay ANY money for help finding your lost pet. I think that's so amazing. But, there are options for finding your pet that do cost a little money


Found 2 Tucker

Pet Owner: Sarah E. (AL)Pet Name: TuckerDate Lost: 06/20/2017Date Found: 06/22/17

Thanks to the flyers I printed out my cat Tucker was found. A neighbor got the flyer that I put in his mailbox and called me saying he had found him!


Found 2 Corona

Pet Owner: Astrid W. (CO)Pet Name: CoronaDate Lost: 06/19/2017Date Found: 06/21/17

even though our cat returned on his own I'm so glad that there is a service such as this - it gives you the resources to help you in locating your lost pet and my email questions were responded to very quickly which I appreciate their professionalism
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