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Total: 1063 stories


Found 2 Lily

Pet Owner: S D. (PA)Pet Name: LilyDate Lost: 10/24/2016Date Found: 10/26/16

Great website for creating report of lost animal and getting word out quickly. Was very helpful to have the 'poster' created for me. I used it to show neighbors and police.


Found 2 Scooter

Pet Owner: Danielle C. (CT)Pet Name: ScooterDate Lost: 09/20/2016

I want to say thank you to if it wasn't for them I would have never found my dad's best friend. Once again my life would have been completely different if I did not have the help of this site and the help to make the posters to post all around and to hand out to people. Thank you so so so so sooooooooo much. I am for ever greatful. Thank you once again, Dani


Found 2 Phineas

Pet Owner: Abi P. (PA)Pet Name: PhineasDate Lost: 10/10/2016

Having the support of was a beacon of hope for me and my family during the horrible five days while we were missing our favorite kitty cat, Phineas. We had put up the free fliers from around the neighborhood and let several neighbors know what had happened. We think he slipped out through a window where an air conditioning vent had popped out. Thankfully, our 13 year old son sat by the window where we had put out food for Phinny and after 2 hours, he spotted him. Phineas ran away when he heard him stand up, but we all went out looking for him, and as I rounded the block, feeling pretty discouraged, I saw a streak of long, black hair 3 porches down from our house. I called Phinny's name, and heard a meow. I ran to him and he ran to me. He clearly missed me and was very affectionate, meowing like crazy. I have hardly taken my eyes off that cat since he's been home, and he's been that much more affectionate since his outdoor adventure. Thanks to's network of communication and the free fliers, I managed to stay (mostly) hopeful while awaiting my sweet kitty's return.


Pet Owner: Jack B. (CT)Pet Name: BunnyDate Lost: 10/15/2016Date Found: 10/23/16

Recently our cat did not return after his daily outing. After two days of looking for him we signed up for LOSTMYKITTY.COM. I placed posters around the neighborhood and they issued an "ANIMAL ALERT". We started getting calls of his location within 24 hrs. Neighbors two streets away were caring for him. Without LOSTKITTY.COM they wouldn't have known whom to contact. Thank you so much for your service. God Bless


Found 2 Smokie

Pet Owner: Norma B. (IL)Pet Name: SmokieDate Lost: 10/19/2016

Thank you for all the tips. They actually works. I found my cat during the night at my back yard eating his favor treats. Thank you again.


Pet Owner: PAT M. (TX)Pet Name: KRISDate Lost: 10/21/2016Date Found: 10/23/16

I am so very happy that I found my kitty. While he returned home on his own this is avery wonderful helpful site. I didn't realize that there were so many cat lovers out there. Thank you for being there.


Found 2 Crookshanks

Pet Owner: Sibylle D. (CT)Pet Name: CrookshanksDate Lost: 10/10/2016Date Found: 10/17/16

We are all so happy that Crookshanks found his way home.


Found 2 Boston

Pet Owner: Antonio P. (MD)Pet Name: BostonDate Lost: 10/20/2016Date Found: 10/21/16 really helped with the free flyer! thank you.


Found 2 Tigger

Pet Owner: Lynette H. (NE)Pet Name: TiggerDate Lost: 08/09/2016Date Found: 10/19/16

Don't give up hope!! I didn't and now I have my beloved Tigger back! He was found with the use of the posters that I printed off and hung in local grocery stores, libraries or any other place that allowed to hang posters. In particular it was a poster that I hung at a local grocery store that did it! Someone who saw my poster recognized his picture and called me to let me know that they had seen our kitty in the last week. It turns out that he came back to her house, she called me and said he was in her back yard at the time. When I got there I found him after a little bit of searching! It took some coaxing but I got him home after being gone for 2 months and 9 days!! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!


Found 2 Sunny

Pet Owner: Christen G. (GA)Pet Name: SunnyDate Lost: 10/15/2016

This website was very helpful in finding my cat. Thank you!


Found 2 Valentino

Pet Owner: Laurie G. (TN)Pet Name: ValentinoDate Lost: 10/11/2016

Our SAFPAW house manager and beloved cat Valentino is HOME! Missing since late last Tuesday night, we have been so frantic. We got the flyers out, posted.....we knocked on doors. We called Tracy at NHA and Sue & Lauren at MAC. Lynne Ezell-Beery & Jay Reinlein from Old Hickory Pets were, as always, so much help. Persian Walker (Perian), Lisa Parker, Venisa Tidwell and I walked all around the neighborhood. Then yesterday afternoon Perian and I went by the Rivergate Skating Rink, and the amazing assistant manager there, Chase Conner, said..."I have your cat at home!" He thought we had "normal" business hours, not knowing we were there 7 days a week. So Perian and I raced out to Fairview, where he lives, and he met us there. Valentino was napping on their couch! We scooped him up and thanked this wonderful family with our whole heart. Please, please support the Rivergate Skating Rink and call and thank Chase Conner for saving our Valentino. 615-868-7655. VALENTINO IS BACK AT WORK AT SAFPAW! And many, many thanks to Lost My Kitty! The flyers you'll make for us are amazing, the attention you get to our lost feline'll do in minutes what it would take a week or more for a mere mortal to do!


Found 2 Buddy

Pet Owner: Ana Paula A. (MA)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 10/13/2016Date Found: 10/14/16

My Buddy came back home.


Pet Owner: Elizabeth C. (NY)Pet Name: BlackjackDate Lost: 09/19/2016Date Found: 10/11/16

a local veterinarian suggested your service to me when I was posting flyers regarding my lost cat around my neighborhood. I thought the service was really great and helpful. I also appreciated all the follow up that your service provides. I did get my cat back after nearly 3 weeks (he was hiding out in a neighbors home). The neighbors were able to contact me via the information on a flyer and speaking with other neighbors. If your pet is lost, don't give up on them, keep looking, keep talking to people, keep posting flyers....


Found 2 Squeak

Pet Owner: Barbara W. (OH)Pet Name: SqueakDate Lost: 09/30/2016Date Found: 10/10/16

It was a great comfort to have your services on behalf of my lost pet. He is home now and I am very grateful.


Found 2 unknown

Pet Owner: Maureen C. (CT)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 10/09/1966Date Found: 10/10/16

This website was a huge help in reuniting this found kitten with it's owner. The owner went to an emergency vet that is on my street and saw the posting you faxed to them. This helped the kitten get back with it's owner in less than 24 hours! I'm so grateful for the help this website provided.
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