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Total: 1063 stories


Found 2 Casey

Pet Owner: Nicole H. (CA)Pet Name: CaseyDate Lost: 11/07/2016Date Found: 11/11/16

Thank you Lost My Kitty for the great flyer. I didn't need to use it but it was so great knowing that I had it.


Found 2 Smokey

Pet Owner: Mary E. (OH)Pet Name: SmokeyDate Lost: 11/11/2016

I actually found my lost cat Smokey in my aparment, and he had hidden himself very well because I had looked everywhere! But, being able to contact LostMyKitty was a comfort and I was glad they are here for people and offer hopeful solutions for people who have lost a pet and feel paniced. Thank you for being there!


Found 2 Edith

Pet Owner: Ann S. (AZ)Pet Name: EdithDate Lost: 11/06/2016Date Found: 11/09/16

This is a great website that made it easy to print a flyer that helped me find my kitten. Fantastic!! Thank you!!


Found 2 orangie

Pet Owner: tina S. (FL)Pet Name: orangieDate Lost: 10/31/2016Date Found: 11/07/16



Found 2 Kierra

Pet Owner: S C. (TN)Pet Name: KierraDate Lost: 11/02/2016Date Found: 11/05/16

I used this site and printed off the flyers that I created with their online tools. Stuck flyers in mailboxes and took some to the animal hospital. I was told that they had already been notified my How awesome that this was one step that I did not have to do. I did receive a call from someone that had seen her in their yard drinking water from their cats bowl. Thats where we started looking and hollering for her. Finally found her after just 2 days. Now she is home safe. Thanks for your help Sincerely, Sheila


Found 2 Spike

Pet Owner: Jennifer H. (WV)Pet Name: SpikeDate Lost: 10/29/2016Date Found: 11/05/16 was a big help in finding your cat Spike. I love that they will fax and email the flyers to vet clinics and rescues in your local area. There were only a handful that I had to send out myself. The flyers were nice , we did hand write a little more information on them before posting them around the neighborhood. I would use this site again if I ever have to.


Found 2 Sadie

Pet Owner: Alicia N. (MO)Pet Name: SadieDate Lost: 10/28/2016Date Found: 11/04/16

Sadie is back home..YAY!!! She came back on her own from who knows where!?!? But very thankful to for their assistance in alerting others, and for those on the lookout for Sadie, today is a very good day, thank you Jesus!!


Found 2 Lil Boo

Pet Owner: Laura C. (NC)Pet Name: Lil BooDate Lost: 05/30/2017Date Found: 05/31/17

We found him! I think someone saw the flyer and brought him back - will never know but we are all happy! Thank you


Found 2 Sonny

Pet Owner: Celeste C. (OH)Pet Name: SonnyDate Lost: 09/17/2016

This is a good service. We used the flyers created from here and posted them all over town. We also mailed them to neighbors. Our cat hadn't gone very far but It took 6 weeks to find him and it was due to a couple people calling us after receiving these flyers.


Found 2 Sophy

Pet Owner: Colette K. (CT)Pet Name: SophyDate Lost: 09/21/2016Date Found: 10/31/16

Sophy came home finally after being gone for over a month! Thank goodness, what a relief it is and nice to hear her sweet voice........and hissing!


Found 2 Griselda

Pet Owner: Amanda S. (OR)Pet Name: GriseldaDate Lost: 10/25/2016

Thanks to the flyers generated by, I was able to be reunited with Griselda. A neighbor had taken Griz in, but when she saw the flyer, she called me and now Griz is home safe! Thank you so much!


Found 1 charles

Pet Owner: Ben L. (CA)Pet Name: charlesDate Lost: 10/25/2015

found my dog thank my child...of your a pet owner ive been theough what your experiencing right now...stay active do not give up...i used over a dozen of these servises....and the main problem is there sorted by zip code....dogs or cats do not respect this....check craigslist in surrounding counties...also face book community boards....once again if your whithin 150 miles of another county check dog was picked up in car and 2 countys away one time....and when u hget them back....take current photos and mMICROCHIP does not transmit for conspiracy theoryest?...any way it can only be swiped similar 2 credit card alll vets have a scanner and if they gwt piced up this will avoid readoption or unitnazia?. murder...any ways....stay dilligent....there are millions of pet owners and odds are someone has himor her listed on a similar-diffrent service or in another county


Found 2 Indiana

Pet Owner: Kathleen B. (MA)Pet Name: IndianaDate Lost: 10/17/2016

Thanks to everyone who helped watch for Indiana. She is now home, recuperating from some serious but not life-threatening injuries. Thanks, too, to all the doctors and staff at MVRH and VCA Wakefield who tended to Indiana's injuries and continue to help in her recovery. Indiana's family and the PAWS volunteers and Response Team are grateful for everyone's support. Thank you.


Found 2 Pumpkin

Pet Owner: Maria C. (NJ)Pet Name: PumpkinDate Lost: 10/25/2016Date Found: 10/27/16

Though I was lucky enough to find my pet/Pumpkin close to home, I was impressed with the "reach of the services" available at Lost My Kitty. Far greater than any number of calls I could make, or area I could cover, this service enabled contact with pet agencies and residents close to where I initially lost site of him. Though I hope never to have to use these services again, I am grateful and would recommend this to a friend in similar circumstances. Thanks, M


Found 2 Mr T

Pet Owner: Nathalie C. (TX)Pet Name: Mr TDate Lost: 01/15/2016Date Found: 10/27/16

Just wanted to give a big thank you to the one person responsible to make it all happened!!! After 9 months this caring person contacted me via this site to let me know she saw a cat similar to Mr T, she went out of her way to send me pictures and gave me a great description of the location. For that, I'm extremely grateful and thanks to this site for keeping the post up and running, no matter how long it will take to find your loving pets. Thank you!
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