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Found 2 Money Girl

Pet Owner: Ruby G. (NY)Pet Name: Money GirlDate Lost: 09/01/2015Date Found: 09/01/15

Thank you! Without your help in making a flier for my cat Money my neighbors would have never contacted me!! I can't thank you enough.


Found 2 Mr Pickles

Pet Owner: Sarah P. (NJ)Pet Name: Mr PicklesDate Lost: 08/25/2015Date Found: 08/31/15

Maybe it was psychological, but the next day my cat came home. Knowing eyes & ears were looking out for our precious family member means the world! Thank you so much!!!


Found 2 Precious

Pet Owner: Lisa D. (MA)Pet Name: PreciousDate Lost: 08/28/2015Date Found: 08/30/15

Although I found my cat in my backyard the same day I listed her on this site, I am happy to know such a great service is available. They quickly sent out emails and faxes to several local shelters and vets. Thank you!


Found 2 Mr. Jinx

Pet Owner: Ellen C. (AL)Pet Name: Mr. JinxDate Lost: 08/19/2015

This service is fantastic. When we lost my cat, I was frantically calling the local shelters. It was nice to save time by using


Found 2 Hunter

Pet Owner: Sharon W. (MN)Pet Name: HunterDate Lost: 08/15/2015Date Found: 08/18/15

Love this site. Losing Hunter for a couple of days was heartbreaking. It's nice to know that there is a site like this to post whiat is happening in case he gets found. Thanks!!!!!


Found 2 Cutie Pie

Pet Owner: Brian D. (CT)Pet Name: Cutie PieDate Lost: 08/07/2015Date Found: 08/26/15

Our kitty had been gone over 2 weeks, and when I took our dog to the vet, I noticed all these posters hanging that had the exact same appearance. I checked out the website and was thrilled to see this service!! It was cathartic knowing I was able to be so proactive in finding our cat. The website also gave me some very helpful hints, and I believe it was their suggestions that brought our kitty home the same night I registered her on Lostmykitty! Fantastic service! Hope more people find out about this and use it. Thank you so much!!


Found 2 One-2

Pet Owner: Mary M. (FL)Pet Name: One-2Date Lost: 08/20/2015

One-2 showed up this at 5:30 this morning meowing at the door then strolling in :) Funny his sister hissed and hissed at him like "drat you're back", instead the dogs and One-2 were kissing each others nose :) I'll give him a while to adjust I toss him in the bath though he really doesn't seem the worse for wear. Maybe he was taken in as a stray and the robo-calls helped to get him back close to his home? Not sure just glad he's back.


Found 2 Little Baby Kitty

Pet Owner: MaryEllen S. (FL)Pet Name: Little Baby KittyDate Lost: 08/24/2015Date Found: 08/25/15

Our cat was not gone long, but it was comforting to know others were helping to find him. Our fur babies are family, and it's distressing to think of them out there alone (mine is a very timid, inside cat.) I think this service is awsome.


Found 2 Summer

Pet Owner: Tina B. (MD)Pet Name: SummerDate Lost: 08/07/2015Date Found: 08/10/15

Even though our cat Summer found her way home, I'm glad this service was available.


Pet Owner: Cathy R. (MI)Pet Name: samantha (sam)Date Lost: 08/19/2015

GREAT service!!!!! tho I hope Ill never have to use it again! Samantha amazngly showed up on her own 3 days after having gone missing but just knowing she was on your alert system gave me hope! thank you so much!


Found 2 Thor

Pet Owner: Christine S. (UT)Pet Name: ThorDate Lost: 04/17/2015Date Found: 08/20/15

I'm so grateful for the Lost my Kitty services! Because of the phone calls made to the neighborhoods, I got a few calls about cats matching his description, and he had been found!


Found 2 Jasmine

Pet Owner: Courtenay G. (CT)Pet Name: JasmineDate Lost: 08/06/2015Date Found: 08/18/15 sent our flyer out to all nearby vets, rescues, pet stores, etc. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people that shared our cats information to help us get her home! We are so grateful!


Found 2 Stardust

Pet Owner: Suzanne C. (CA)Pet Name: StardustDate Lost: 08/09/2015Date Found: 08/15/15

I want to thank their support was amazing. I am truly blessed my little Stardust came back. Please have hope and prayers helped bring my sweetheart back. Don't give up!!!!


Found 2 Sophie

Pet Owner: Cindy M. (FL)Pet Name: SophieDate Lost: 07/26/2015Date Found: 08/13/15

While our kitty came home on her own, it was reassuring to know that this site was active in getting the word out to our local shelters, vet offices, etc. At east if she was found & brought to a vet or shelter, they would have been aware that she belonged with someone who wanted her back!


Found 2 Jerry

Pet Owner: Joanne N. (MA)Pet Name: JerryDate Lost: 07/31/2015

I was so happy with your service. The flyer immediately went out to the area vets; in fact a technician at one of the vet hospitals called me because she thought she had seen my cat in her yard. It turned out to be a look-alike, but I was gratified that the word got out there. My cat turned up on his own after 9 long days, but knowing that if someone had found him and brought him to a shelter or a vet, thanks to your service I would have been notified. Thank you again.
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