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Found 2 Mischief

Pet Owner: Stacey R. (FL)Pet Name: MischiefDate Lost: 06/17/2016Date Found: 06/26/16

I recently lost my cat on a Friday afternoon when my daughter was carrying our Mischief in her kennel. She was coming home from getting spayed that morning, when she pushed her way out the door of the kennel and went running. She was still groggy from the anesthesia that she got in the morning. We could not find her. We could not find her for 6 days. Lost my kitty, enabled us to spread the word about our lost cat. It is a free service. We used the Lost Kitty Poster that you are able to print free of charge. It was so nice to have all of our information already on the poster and not have to write each one up. It saved us a lot of time. I bet we put up at least 50 of them and knocked on at least 100 doors trying to located our kitty. We did find our cat. She just so happened to be only 2 doors away from us the whole time. I did my last walk up the street at 1:30am flashing my flashlight on every neighbors door until I saw a cat sitting on my neighbors doorstep. I knew they didn't have a cat. She ran into the culvert. It took us about 15 minutes to get her out of there. She looked scared and scraggly. And very, very hungry. We spent the next 2 days taking down all of the posters.


Found 2 Lucky

Pet Owner: Debbie W. (PA)Pet Name: LuckyDate Lost: 06/20/2016

This is a great service! It was called quick and easy solution during a time of panic. Highly recommend!


Found 2 Oliver

Pet Owner: Tara D. (NY)Pet Name: OliverDate Lost: 06/15/2016Date Found: 06/24/16

My cat wandered off for 8 days, which was out of character for him. He showed up on his own on day 8 meowing on my doorstep. Lost my kitty was a fast and simple way to create a poster and get the word out to local vets and shelters. In my opinion, it was well worth it to pay for the automated phone message service. Within 1 hour of the calls, someone phoned me to say they had spotted my cat a few days ago and were sure it was him. It gave me an area to focus a search on. Thanks to Lost My Kitty, I knew approximately what area he had traveled to so I put up posters on that street and after that, I also got a second call that there was another sighting of him before he made it home to me. I was able to tell the person who saw him to call out his name, and I really think that is what might have reminded him to head home. It really gave me peace of mind to know that he was out there and alive. He made it home on his own, but I was really worried. I do believe this is a wonderful service, thank you.


Found 2 H.J. House

Pet Owner: Kristi H. (NC)Pet Name: H.J. HouseDate Lost: 06/20/2016Date Found: 06/22/16

I want to thank you for the help. I did not know this help was out there. I have never had a cat returned before and this was amazing. Thank you Kristi H.


Found 2 Mina

Pet Owner: J. T. (FL)Pet Name: MinaDate Lost: 06/11/2016

I think this site is useful even though I found my pet with another resource. Thank you for all your help!!!


Found 2 Annabelle

Pet Owner: Debra M. (OR)Pet Name: AnnabelleDate Lost: 06/01/2016

I thought Annabelle was doomed. She is very small, 19, deaf and has dementia. There are nature parks with coyotes in the neighborhood. She was missing for 20 days, and found a family a week ago that finally had her microchip read and gave me a call! If only she could tell me what she was doing the first 2 weeks!


Found 2 T J Hooker

Pet Owner: Tracie T. (NC)Pet Name: T J HookerDate Lost: 05/31/2016

As a marketer myself, I was very impressed with the speed and quality of the execution of the mass phone calls in my local area, conducted by LostMyKitty. It happened in less than an hour of my arranging payment. This is another tool in your arsenal to find your lost pet, in addition to flyers in your neighborhood and posters at intersections. I had a few calls about cat sightings even 2 weeks later - I was amazed people would remember a lost pet call from two weeks ago.


Found 2 LETO

Pet Owner: Moriana G. (NY)Pet Name: LETODate Lost: 06/16/2016Date Found: 06/17/16

It was very reassuring to know that I could count with this type of service during this stressful time. Thank you!


Found 2 Donna

Pet Owner: Krystin S. (VA)Pet Name: DonnaDate Lost: 06/08/2016Date Found: 06/19/16

She's home! I was going to put food out for her on the porch like i have every night. my dog was going crazy. We sent remi,the dog to bed. when I opened the door to put the food out she was on the front porch. When I first opened the glass door she ran away, about 10 feet. I sat on the porch and jingle her food bowl and she came right to me. I snatched her up and brought her inside! What a wonderful surprise! We have been walking remi to the place dona got lose and back. I bet she followed her sister's scent home. We are so happy! Thank you for the LOST poster. We paper our town with them!


Found 2 Meatball

Pet Owner: Ronald W. (GA)Pet Name: MeatballDate Lost: 06/02/2016

Very happy with this service. Convenient and fast way to get the word out about a lost pet to local shelters and vets offices. We also put signs up around our neighborhood and used social media. Any way to bring our baby it worked. We are thrilled!!


Found 2 R2D2

Pet Owner: Charilyn D. (CA)Pet Name: R2D2Date Lost: 06/18/2016Date Found: 06/18/16

Thanks for the free posters! They turned out not to be needed (kitty was hiding under our own back porch) but they looked very nice and we were glad to have them available so quickly.


Found 2 Bear

Pet Owner: Michele D. (CT)Pet Name: BearDate Lost: 06/06/2016Date Found: 06/18/16

Lost My Kitty was very helpful. The flyer that was created helped in bringing Bear home. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone involved with the site. Thank you so much. Michele


Found 2 Toby

Pet Owner: Hannah W. (NY)Pet Name: TobyDate Lost: 06/04/2016

SUCH a valuable service to find your kitty!


Found 2 Mum or Mummy

Pet Owner: Darlene C. (TX)Pet Name: Mum or MummyDate Lost: 06/01/2016Date Found: 06/13/16

Mum was seen late last night by a neighbor. She came home this morning through her cat door. She is thin, exhausted & a sight for sore eyes. But, she is home after 13 days. Feeling excited, relieved & blessed.


Pet Owner: Barbara H. (CA)Pet Name: JoleeDate Lost: 06/01/2016

Thanks to, several of my neighbors kept an eye out for my little grey cat, who fled the day I got her. One of those neighbors, who also got my original Facebook post, caught her this morning after first spotting her several days ago. She is now home and safe.
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