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Found 2 Charlie

Pet Owner: Crystal G. (NM)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 04/28/2016Date Found: 05/03/16

Charlie was found behind Women's Lovelace Hospital. They did not know he was missing beforehand but, saw his tags and just had a feeling. Anyways, I am still grateful for the help I have received from you guys. He was very missed.


Found 2 Vader

Pet Owner: John B. (MI)Pet Name: VaderDate Lost: 04/30/2016

Thanks to the free posters we downloaded from, a neighbor was able to return our kitty to us. Thank you so much!!!


Found 2 Jane

Pet Owner: Jeffrey L. (IL)Pet Name: JaneDate Lost: 04/27/2016Date Found: 05/02/16

Our cat Jane was lost on 4/27. We paid for the service to send alerts to neighbors so that they are aware and watch out for our black cat. We received several calls from families that saw black cat wandering, however after we went to check, they were too small. As we are losing hope, on 5/2, a gentleman dropped off Jane at our front door. He must be in a hurry to his work so even before we had a chance to the door, he has left. We could't thank him and the LostMyKitty.Com service enough to recover our cat in less than a week's time. It's a very helpful service that pet owners lost their beloved family member. I believe it is more effective to use it when your pet is absent for a couple days. The sooner the better, so that they don't go too far away. Thanks again for the service, our family really appreciate it.


Found 2 Scooter

Pet Owner: Josephine R. (CA)Pet Name: ScooterDate Lost: 03/26/2016

Lost My was a great resource and tool in helping me get the word out about my lost cat. Although Scooter did return to me about 4 days after the alert was placed, I was very happy with the results of people calling me to let me know they found a cat that may have looked like mine. I would hope that I don't need to use this service again, but if I do, I would not hesitate in contacting to help with my search. Thank you all very much for this great service! Josephine, mom of Scooter


Found 2 Hanumon

Pet Owner: Jeff G. (NY)Pet Name: HanumonDate Lost: 04/24/2016

thank you for the opportunity to use - although our cat returned 8 days after going missing, we believe the energy we put out there to get her back contributed to her return.


Found 2 Elway

Pet Owner: Kim C. (TN)Pet Name: ElwayDate Lost: 04/29/2016

My kitty came home on his own but this website is a GREAT resource!!! Thank you!!


Found 2 Cha Cha

Pet Owner: Bill H. (NY)Pet Name: Cha ChaDate Lost: 04/18/2016

We found Cha Cha four days after we placed the alert request with We want to thank you for the encouragement that your efforts gave us and if we ever lose Cha Cha again we know where to go. Best Regards, Bill H.


Found 2 Spitfire

Pet Owner: Donna F. (NC)Pet Name: SpitfireDate Lost: 04/13/2016Date Found: 04/28/16

I am thankful for this website because I am certain it is a great help. Although Spitfire was found on our own, your site gave us piece of mind that she was being looked for and it helped us through a tough time. The tips for finding our kitty was what helped us locate her and with diligence, find her nearby. Thank you!!!


Found 2 Shaggy

Pet Owner: Jessica S. (PA)Pet Name: ShaggyDate Lost: 04/26/2016Date Found: 04/26/16

I found shaggy on my own but this was a great place to start. It gave me tips to locating him!


Pet Owner: Stefanie W. (IL)Pet Name: NoodleDate Lost: 04/24/2016Date Found: 04/25/16

JOY JOY JOY!!!! I don't know where that abominable kitty was but he just now came home, after being missing for more than a day, like nothing was up. ARGH! ...but I'll tell you, it was a great comfort to register his lost-ness here and see the number of vets and shelters immediately contacted and to hear from volunteers with offers to help and to have a poster generated that we could pass out. Sweet relief!


Found 2 Tonchi

Pet Owner: Veronica N. (CA)Pet Name: TonchiDate Lost: 04/21/2016Date Found: 04/24/16

Kitty was found and the flyers I put up were how kitty was found :) great service though I'll def recommend using this to anyone whom had lost a cat.


Found 2 Leo

Pet Owner: Jennifer H. (FL)Pet Name: LeoDate Lost: 04/19/2016Date Found: 04/24/16

Leo has been found! My son found him was amazing support. Thank you for the frequent emails. It was great to know someone else was looking for Leo and notifying shelters and vets.. Great service. Thanks know you so much.


Found 2 Bebe' , (spoofie)

Pet Owner: Agnes N. (IL)Pet Name: Bebe' , (spoofie)Date Lost: 04/23/2016

Thank you! Knowing that the information was going out to professionals and concerned people who would actively looking for her was a real comfort!


Found 2 Caiden

Pet Owner: BJ F. (AZ)Pet Name: CaidenDate Lost: 04/12/2016Date Found: 04/21/16

The alerts calls to neighbors was very helpful and generated plenty of interest. I am so grateful for the support to help Caidy get home!


Found 2 Lucy

Pet Owner: tracy c. (PA)Pet Name: LucyDate Lost: 04/19/2016Date Found: 04/20/16

Very pleased with this service, I didnt know where to begin in my search, this is a fabulous site.
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