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Found 2 Fluffy

Pet Owner: VICTOR B. (NY)Pet Name: FluffyDate Lost: 10/26/2014Date Found: 10/30/14

After 4 sad days, we decided to post the lost cat notice. A few hours later someone was knocking the door, Probable our cat received a telephone call from and decided it was time to come back home. We are happy to have him back. Wife not happy to have him back, but we are.


Found 2 Cinna

Pet Owner: Alaina B. (OH)Pet Name: CinnaDate Lost: 10/28/2014

I was relieved to find that offered so many ways to help, and I am so very grateful to have been able to find Cinna! Thank you so much!


Found 2 Jack

Pet Owner: Audrey W. (TX)Pet Name: JackDate Lost: 10/23/2014

While my cat was found based on posters in my neighborhood, the lady who returned my cat did say that she had checked this site. She checked before I had posted here so be sure to post ASAP!


Found 2 Neo

Pet Owner: Susan K. (PA)Pet Name: NeoDate Lost: 10/27/2014

Thank you for giving us hope and assistance in finding our kitty!


Pet Owner: Richard M. (GA)Pet Name: OliverDate Lost: 10/25/2014Date Found: 10/27/14 gave me peace of mind that I wasn't in this alone. I own 10 and each has their own personality, I wouldn't feel complete unless I had them all with me. Being retired has its benefits, the important here is my cat family is complete.


Found 2 Buddy

Pet Owner: Marla M. (CA)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 10/10/2014

Our cat, Buddy, was "rescued" by some nice ladies that thought he was homeless. They noticed our appeal on this website and contacted us. We are very grateful that it all worked out.


Found 2 Ollie

Pet Owner: Louise M. (CO)Pet Name: OllieDate Lost: 10/19/2014Date Found: 10/26/14

I found my cat by using a technique in a book called "How to Find a Lost Cat" by pet detective Kim Freeman. However, the posters were very helpful - I recommend this service to anyone who has lost a pet.


Found 2 Pepper

Pet Owner: Philip D. (PA)Pet Name: PepperDate Lost: 10/18/2014Date Found: 10/24/14

5 days missing, came back last night. Wonderful reunion


Found 2 wizard

Pet Owner: Michele R. (IA)Pet Name: wizardDate Lost: 10/19/2014

Thanks so much! Posters were great. We got a tip from a neighbor that he had a sighting of our cat and the location in general where he last saw him. It really helped to narrow the search area!


Found 2 Jambo

Pet Owner: Amy R. (GA)Pet Name: JamboDate Lost: 10/12/2014Date Found: 10/22/14

An ecstatic customer here. I went to 2 days ago because Jambo had been gone for over a week. I wasn't exactly sure how to proceed looking for her. We printed out the flyers and put them in mailboxes in our neighborhood. This morning my son brought one on the bus and a boy on his bus said they had seen her hanging around their house for the past few days. His mom called me this afternoon because she was on their deck. I was afraid it would be the wrong cat but we raced over and sure enough it was her. She just ate a big meal and is sitting next to me while I type. Thank you for making it easy to spread the word about our cat. She is getting microchipped next week and I will certainly recommend you to anyone else who loses their pet!


Found 2 Izzy Spatz

Pet Owner: Heather A. (FL)Pet Name: Izzy SpatzDate Lost: 10/11/2014

This is a wonderful service. I had so many calls from my neighborhood with sightings. It was easy to remain hopeful knowing that all the animal lovers in my neighborhood were my allies. Strangers took it upon themselves to walk my surrounding streets. Izzy was locted stuck 40ft up a tree. One tree cutting service later at he was safely home. Thank you.


Found 2 Yoshi

Pet Owner: Brian T. (CA)Pet Name: YoshiDate Lost: 10/04/2014Date Found: 10/20/14

Told other people about this website. Was really nice and easy to use and find online. My neighbor just brought my cat home. Thank you, Brian


Found 2 GIZMO

Pet Owner: Doug C. (VA)Pet Name: GIZMODate Lost: 10/08/2014Date Found: 10/12/14

We found Gizmo on Sunday, Oct 12th about 4pm. Since he was & has always been an indoor Cat, we figured that he was somewhere very close by. Also he runs and hides when ever anyone comes into our house, so we knew it would be hard for someone to just lure & pick him up. We kept checking the crawlspace under our building since there were a few holes big enough for him to go through. Finally our Daughter saw him and it took my wife to coax him out, I had to keep telling her to stay calm or Gizmo would sense it. We got him into the house, gave him a bath, & gave him some homecoming treats !!!


Found 2 Dusty

Pet Owner: Jennifer F. (TX)Pet Name: DustyDate Lost: 10/05/2014

So many members of my community told me they'd gotten the recorded phone call about Dusty. I know it helped keep her fresh on their minds. What a wonderful service. Dusty is back home after being spotted by several neighbors on a nearby street. They called me right away. One of them said to me, "You advertise well!" Thank you so much,!


Found 2 Harrison

Pet Owner: Anna D. (PA)Pet Name: HarrisonDate Lost: 10/07/2014Date Found: 10/17/14

We were really concerned when our cat went missing. Not only were we able to get a posting up quickly but it was free. Thank you so much! Our cat is home safe now.
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