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Total: 570 stories


Found 2 Chloe

Pet Owner: Sue H. (MN)Pet Name: ChloeDate Lost: 07/25/2015Date Found: 07/29/15

Our cat was just returned. We had posted the flyers from your site all around the neighborhood and in several stores in the area. A neighbor had seen the flyer, and had seen the cat in another neighbor's yard. They had fed and taken care of her until they called use and brought her back.


Found 2 Gizmo

Pet Owner: Shana M. (SC)Pet Name: GizmoDate Lost: 07/22/2015Date Found: 07/27/15

I stumbled upon this website while looking for help in locating my cat. What an amazing tool! I did the flyers, faxes/ emails and the phone calls. Within minutes of the phone calls going out, I received 5 phone calls and was able to go to the location everyone else had seen her and find her to bring her home! I can't speak highly enough of this product.


Found 2 Na Na    Cat

Pet Owner: Ogden And Jamie C. (PA)Pet Name: Na Na CatDate Lost: 07/24/2015Date Found: 07/27/15

This was the best thing I ever found.My cat disappeared on us and we were so lost until I found this sight and was able to do 99 percent of it free of charge.And the customer service was so personal and professional,They went above and beyond what I would of expected any one to do.I printed out the very professional missing posters ,for free,and they also faxed and or emailed local pet businesses and before I knew it I started receiving phone calls...then mysteriously about 5am this morning a car pulled away from my house quietly then I seen Na Na running down my sidewalk to me. apparently some one took her and all the publicity this sight gave got it out that she was missing...who ever you are..THANK YOU SO MUCH.... Na Na birthday is this weekend she will be home to celebrate it with her family.


Found 2 Luna

Pet Owner: Cayce F. (SC)Pet Name: LunaDate Lost: 07/16/2015Date Found: 07/26/15

Luna went missing on 7/16/15. Broken hearted I had planned to move on and get another cat. Luna showed up on her own today. Thanks to y'all Luna is home safe and sound. Thank You for helping us bring Luna home. Luna sends her thanks too.


Found 2 Peach

Pet Owner: Claire S. (NY)Pet Name: PeachDate Lost: 07/26/2015Date Found: 07/26/15

My other cat Rocky kicked him up from a corn field. It started getting hot out, and I guess he was hungry. But I am ever so appreciative that you have this web-site here, because i didn't know what else to do. Thank you!


Found 2 Jack

Pet Owner: Lori J. (CA)Pet Name: JackDate Lost: 07/24/2015Date Found: 07/25/15

It warmed my heart to see how quickly you responded to and sent out information on my cat that was missing. I was fortunate and within 24 hours he sauntered back home. I didn't know what to do when he went missing so I searched the websites and found you. Nice to know there are services out there and your tips and hints were very useful. Thanks for all your help, Lori


Found 2 Midnight

Pet Owner: Tempe Z. (NY)Pet Name: MidnightDate Lost: 07/22/2015Date Found: 07/24/15

Thank you so much for your assistance and support. Our kitty came back on her own, after 3 days, but we were so happy with your help and assistance...


Found 2 Ryuzaki

Pet Owner: Rhiannon S. (TX)Pet Name: RyuzakiDate Lost: 06/20/2015

Three nights ago Ryuzaki returned home. Even though he has lost a lot of weight the Vet gave him a clen bill of health. We are very happy to have him with us again.


Found 2 Lennox

Pet Owner: Lori Beth K. (PA)Pet Name: LennoxDate Lost: 07/09/2015

Thank you for your bulletin boards and updates. I appreciated the service!


Found 2 binx

Pet Owner: emily w. (MS)Pet Name: binxDate Lost: 07/16/2015Date Found: 07/18/15

This is a great service although our cat returned home on his own this site definitely helped with our worries of knowing there was a way to reach out to others for help ! Thank you !


Found 2 andy

Pet Owner: susan m. (TN)Pet Name: andyDate Lost: 07/16/2015Date Found: 07/16/15

This service was fast and easy to set up. They acted swiftly to get info out about our missing cat. I also received emails from someone and the compassion came thru in the email. Our cat is now home and i am so grateful to i will certainly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves with a lost pet


Found 2 Frank

Pet Owner: Sarah S. (NY)Pet Name: FrankDate Lost: 07/04/2015

The service was free and they sent amazing flyers to all the local vets, even my own. This service was a great help!


Found 2 Tommy

Pet Owner: Susan P. (PA)Pet Name: TommyDate Lost: 06/05/2014

Thank you very much for helping me find Tommy. You made phone calls for me and I handed out posters of him everywhere around where I lived. I received a call from a woman this winter, who I made contact with last summer trying to find Tommy, who had been feeding a stray gray cat and another cat came along to eat which she thought may be Tommy. She fed him all winter and spring. I finally saw him and I knew it was Tommy; we were able to trap him. I took him to the vet and he was checked, given rabies & distemper shots, and he appeared very healthy and a good weight. He was extremely scared. I took him home but he remained very scared, he would not come out of hding, he did not want to be touched, and he would not eat nor drink water. To save him so he would not die, I finally opened the door this Sunday evening for him to go if he wanted to and he did. He did not want to live indoors again and I think he had become mostly feral. I feel sad about losing Tommy but he will probably go back to the woods along a stream where he had been living, about two blocks from where I live, be fed by the woman who has been feeding him, and be happy. Susan


Found 2 Yeo Myeong

Pet Owner: Ken P. (NY)Pet Name: Yeo MyeongDate Lost: 07/09/2015Date Found: 07/13/15

I was out to set up a humane trap near my house around 1030PM, and while doing so, I was talking with my friend who has been helping me find Yeomyeong since the day she left the house. Then she came out of the bush and meowed towards me. It has been four days since she left the house. My tip to find a lost cat is: I set up a humane trap near my house, where covered with bush. I caught several different both stray and feral cats and I mostly sent them to cat shelters. I spread cat nip, her litter, and her hair near the trap and the house. I went out to set up a trap and briefly looked around the house after 9pm everyday. I really wish all other owners of lost cats would find them.


Found 2 Big

Pet Owner: Tony C. (MN)Pet Name: BigDate Lost: 06/05/2015

I lost my cat when he wandered off in our new neighborhood. I was skeptical of this site, and after I spent the money I was pretty sure it was. Then, after two weeks and pretty much giving up, I got a call from someone who'd found him! She had gotten one of the calls from you. It worked. Thank you. Tony
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