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Found 2 Emma

Pet Owner: Jeanne B. (OH)Pet Name: EmmaDate Lost: 04/16/2015Date Found: 04/18/15

This is an incredible resource to help locate a lost pet. It takes care of contacting all of the vets, shelters etc. in a 50 mile radius so that you can spend time looking. It also has a pre-made template so you can just upload a picture of your pet and it pre-fills your information into the flyer template so that you can just print it out and start posting them in your neighborhood. I also upgraded to the feature that sends a phone message to 500 neighbors to alert them as well. Thank you so much for this service. LOVE THIS SITE.


Found 2 Paisley

Pet Owner: Amanda W. (IL)Pet Name: PaisleyDate Lost: 04/05/2015

A neighbor called in the morning of Tuesday, April 14th to let me know that Paisley was in his backyard. He had noticed her collar with my phone number and wanted to let me know that she was hanging out near him (about 2 blocks away).


Found 2 Kai Ming

Pet Owner: David W. (CA)Pet Name: Kai MingDate Lost: 04/14/2015Date Found: 04/16/15

Lost My Kitty is well organized with a lot of resources and strategies. Thanks for your help.


Found 2 Toby

Pet Owner: Cindy C. (CA)Pet Name: TobyDate Lost: 04/15/2015Date Found: 04/16/15

We really don't know how Toby got home. We had to go away for a couple of hours and when we got home, he was laying under the picnic table in our back yard. He has lost some weight and he is weak. He also wants to be by himself right now, but hopefully he is fine. We have an appointment to take him to the vet tonight. I am thankful for your website. The site was very easy to use and the service that you offer notifying the local vets and shelters that my cat was missing is a wonderful thing. We also posted your flyer all over the neighborhood. Hopefully, I will never have to visit your website again to post that I have a lost kitty, but I will definitely keep your website bookmarked just in case. I will also tell others about your website. Thank you for your service.


Found 2 AGATHA

Pet Owner: Jesmar G. (IL)Pet Name: AGATHADate Lost: 11/18/2014Date Found: 04/12/15

Hi Today 4/12/2015 after 5 month I found my kitty, one neigbor called my wife and send a picture to confirm is she. Now the family is completed again. Thanks for all.


Pet Owner: jean h. (NM)Pet Name: Little GirlDate Lost: 04/10/2015

We felt so helpless when we realized our 'indoor only' kitty was gone but we knew that would be one very helpful way to reach as many people as possible in our area. Thank you for being available.


Found 2 Babycat

Pet Owner: Catherine C. (NJ)Pet Name: BabycatDate Lost: 03/27/2015Date Found: 04/10/15 was extremely helpful with finding my cat after 4 days! One of my neighbors saw the flyers that provided for free and texted me that they had him. I would highly recommend this service!


Found 2 katie

Pet Owner: Anne T. (MA)Pet Name: katieDate Lost: 04/04/2015Date Found: 04/10/15

thank you so much for sharing our lost kitty post - praise God! Katie was found on 4/10 - have-a heart trap and sardines!


Found 2 Sunday

Pet Owner: April L. (TN)Pet Name: SundayDate Lost: 04/06/2015

I ended up finding her under the porch but was glad to know there was a company that could alert the vets in the area.


Found 2 Jujube

Pet Owner: Julie B. (MI)Pet Name: JujubeDate Lost: 04/01/2015Date Found: 04/06/15

Thank you for being there in my time of need. It's great to have the ability to communicate to the masses through your website. Thank you again, Julie and Jujube


Found 2 Rocket

Pet Owner: Elissa L. (LA)Pet Name: RocketDate Lost: 04/02/2015Date Found: 04/06/15

Lost My was a great help in sending out flyers and helping us create a great lost poster. Hopefully I won't have to use them again, but if needed I will for sure. I'm going to recommend this site to everyone I know that has a cat, just in case. Thanks so much!!!!


Found 2 Luck

Pet Owner: Erika H. (WA)Pet Name: LuckDate Lost: 04/04/2015Date Found: 04/05/15

Thank you for the notifications and help!


Found 2 Stanley

Pet Owner: Sarah G. (MI)Pet Name: StanleyDate Lost: 04/04/2015Date Found: 04/05/15

Thank you for alerting the animal shelters and Vet Offices.He came home on his own.He was sitting on our porch bench early this morning.


Found 2 Sammi

Pet Owner: Vicki B. (KS)Pet Name: SammiDate Lost: 03/27/2015

Appreciate all that you do.


Found 2 Zeus

Pet Owner: Debra C. (NJ)Pet Name: ZeusDate Lost: 04/03/2015Date Found: 04/04/15

Even though Zeus found his way home on his own was a great service. The account was easy to set up and the email and fax blasts saved me a lot of time and phone calls so I could spend my time looking for him and hanging up fliers. The ready made fliers was also great. It gave a lot of information but kept it easy to read and it stood out. Losing a pet is a very stressful time and provided great support. I only used the free service.
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