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Total: 359 stories


Found 2 Nimitz

Pet Owner: Maggie W. (IL)Pet Name: NimitzDate Lost: 09/01/2014Date Found: 09/20/14

Our kitty was found in a neighbor's garage after two weeks away! Thank you to everyone who took the time to check this website and contact me.


Found 2 Nissie

Pet Owner: Ruben L. (WI)Pet Name: NissieDate Lost: 09/09/2014

I thought my cat was lost but the tips I learned from this site really contributed to finding our cat. Best tip was to place her litter box out side along with some of her toys. By day three I noticed something used the litter box. Day four saw action with the toys and day 5 brought her home.


Found 2 Yvette (Eevee)

Pet Owner: Leslie P. (CA)Pet Name: Yvette (Eevee)Date Lost: 09/11/2014Date Found: 09/17/14

Lost My Kitty is an exceptional website. It gets the information out faster to many more vets, shelters, etc. than I would be able to do on my own. I was able to print professional looking flyers to give to my neighbors, post in my neighborhood, and put on the bulletin boards of the local supermarkets and Petsmart. I hope I am never in this situation again, but if I were I would definitely use again.


Found 2 Tyler

Pet Owner: Yvette P. (TX)Pet Name: TylerDate Lost: 09/14/2014Date Found: 09/17/14

I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time out & helping me find my pet .;)


Found 2 coco

Pet Owner: Josette T. (FL)Pet Name: cocoDate Lost: 09/07/2014

Thank you. With flyrrs, the internet, and your help Coco has been found. He is very happy to be home. I don't think he'll take another adventure. One week away from home was enough. Thank you, Lost My Kitty


Found 2 Zoe (Zuzu)

Pet Owner: Jackie B. (OH)Pet Name: Zoe (Zuzu)Date Lost: 08/23/2014

After 3 weeks Zoe showed up in my Havahart trap after a neighbor called and told me she had seen her. She is home, she is well albeit a bit smaller and she wants lots of attention. Because of your broadcasts, I had lots (50-60) calls from very kind people who were genuinely interested in finding Zoe. Obviously I do not know where she has been but I set the trap behind my next door neighbor's garage. She may have been in the neighborhood the whole time. Every one of the ~150 flyers I put up were taken down by who knows whom. Thanks for your help. Jackie


Pet Owner: Doretta M. (IL)Pet Name: NikkiDate Lost: 09/14/2014Date Found: 09/14/14

The flyer produced by LostMyKitty was excellent. I passed it out immediately to all my neighbors. I did find my cat without their aid, but I met many people who may help in the future. Thank you.


Pet Owner: Gerrylynn H. (MI)Pet Name: CallieDate Lost: 09/01/2014

On September 1st I cried years of sorrow when got out if house but yesterday I had tears of joy. At the back door I heard a faint meow looked out and there she was. A little thin but baby was home. I thank list kitty for its help.


Found 2 Garfield (aka GarGar)

Pet Owner: Deborah B. (KY)Pet Name: Garfield (aka GarGar)Date Lost: 09/07/2014Date Found: 09/12/14

Although Garfield (GarGar) is my daughter"s cat and MUCH loved by her, he means THE WORLD to our eldest son--you know, the one who just went off to university and, daily, says how much he misses GarGar. Imagine how we felt when he'd somehow gotten out. When we realized he was missing the search began. In brush near the woods at the edge our back yard, a branch snapped then an orange and white flash was seen BOLTING down the small creek with even heavier brush too thick to follow him. That was last we saw of him UNTIL this morning--OH HAPPY DAY!! We found comfort along with very good information online with (Lost Indoor-only or timid cats) and and locally through our animal control officer and staff. They provided the live trap, info how to use it, how often to check their facility and who else should have a color photo w/description, etc. gave me peace of mind and a very nice flyer to pass out to neighbors quickly along with the fax and emails to a much larger number of animal related facilities in our area. Their phone alert system was professionally done, fast and specific to where we live. Even as I was going door to door, they were saying how they'd just received the call. One man had already checked the website for GarGar's photo and stated how he also had an orange and white cat the past 6 years, etc. I met so many pet lovers and really good people who would keep and eye out, the flyer on their table and us in their prayers. Thank you, all of you! After 5 nights, 2 racoons & 1 black cat (all quickly released), a new high powered flashlight, lots of scratches, bug bites and hours spent searching the woods and neighborhood, the final success was using the house as lure. The garage wasn't enough as we couldn't tell who or what was eating the food left there then leaving. Last night all the other cats were kept in the basement so the front door could be cracked open with food inside and out knowing if realized the door was open he would come in. It worked!!! [Along with all the other things done to help him find his way back to THIS house instead of keep getting more and more lost as I had feared. (Too many "helpful" people talk about coyotes in the area and "have you checked the roads".)] We have a very happy ending with the return of our beloved cat, very dirty and "twiggy" but only a little worse for wear. Now, I can tell our son of Garfields adventures (and our trials). :)


Found 2 unknown

Pet Owner: Elizabeth P. (MA)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 09/06/2014Date Found: 09/11/14

I was surprised and very pleased to find that this website not only listed the cat I found on the website but they sent faxes and emails to local vet clinics! All for free! Because of this I was able to connect with more people than I could have on my own! Thank you for making the possibility of reuniting a pet with their family a more efficient process!


Found 2 Fluffy

Pet Owner: Tonia S. (FL)Pet Name: FluffyDate Lost: 09/06/2014Date Found: 09/08/14

The site was very helpful and easy to use. It made getting the word out that our cat was missing to the vets offices and local shelters so much easier them visiting them all. Thank you on providing such A great service!!


Found 2 figgero

Pet Owner: jerica f. (IL)Pet Name: figgeroDate Lost: 09/07/2014

My son found this site while frantically searching the neighborhood for his lost cat. I was impressed ... And then I was flabbergasted at the services offered for FREE!!!! The optional services are awesome too, but we didn't pay a dime. And my 11 y/o son slept better last night knowing that the surrounding shelters would receive their faces in the morning. Thank you!!! THANK YOU! We also printed out the free flyers. Niiiiiiice. :-) the site is easy and clear. Again, what a great service--Thanks. -A Family in IL


Found 2 BoBo

Pet Owner: robin r. (TN)Pet Name: BoBoDate Lost: 08/10/2014

Thanks to everyone that helped me through this nightmare First and foremost I thank God that I have my baby back.. I appreciate Lost My Kitty for giving me hope that BoBo could be found. I didn't know that there was wonderful websites like this that are free. I recently sold my house that is a half mile from where I live now. He was gone for almost 3 weeks so I decided to go to the house I sold because that's the home he's known for 10 years. I walked to the back yard and there he was! I couldn't believe my eyes! I'm so happy and thankful to have him back with me.. Thank you EVERYONE that helped me get BoBo home safely!


Found 2 Black Kitty

Pet Owner: Amanda B. (WI)Pet Name: Black KittyDate Lost: 08/25/2014Date Found: 09/06/14

Even though Black Kitty came back before he was taken to a humane society or a vet, I felt very reassured that flyers and emails were sent to dozens of places that would notify me if my cat was brought in. I'm very happy to have Black Kitty safe and at home now. Thank you for providing me with this service!


Pet Owner: Max C. (IL)Pet Name: SunnyDate Lost: 08/31/2014

We were one of the lucky ones, who found our lost kitty, Sunny. Lostmykitty was such a help in our search process. It was such a comfort to know that they were reaching out to many we would not be able to to let them know to look out for our kitty. Their professional flyer allowed us to get right on letting all our neighbors know about our lost cat. Thanks again to this great service!
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