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Found 2 Antonio

Pet Owner: Mary W. (CO)Pet Name: AntonioDate Lost: 05/28/2016

Although we were able to locate our cat, it gave me peace of mind knowing was there and willing to help. I so appreciate the additional service it provided and comfort knowing the search could be widened with the help of additional people and businesses looking out for a lost pet. Thank you so much. I am the happiest cat owner in the world this morning.


Pet Owner: Sheila B. (CA)Pet Name: CookieDate Lost: 05/05/2016

Hello, Our little fur child found her way back home after being missing for over a week! It was very comforting to be able to post on this website knowing that I was doing everything I could possibly do. To all those out there with missing pets, dont give up miracles can happen! Sheila B.


Found 2 McQueen

Pet Owner: Bridget G. (PA)Pet Name: McQueenDate Lost: 05/15/2016

THANK YOU for this website!! It helped so much to have more options, and more people looking for McQueen (our cat). The poster helped Tremendously, and the fact that it was free was one less worry on my mind. I put them up all over the neighborhood, and that's how we found him. THANK YOU AGAIN. I will always recommend this site!!


Found 2 Charlie

Pet Owner: Laurie G. (CT)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 05/20/2016Date Found: 05/27/16

Thank you so much! I found my kitty because of the poster that was sent to a local vet from Thank you so much!! He's home, safe and sound, after over 2 weeks.


Found 2 Sushi

Pet Owner: Nicholas W. (OK)Pet Name: SushiDate Lost: 05/24/2016Date Found: 05/26/16

She some how found her way beneath our house and had been living there for two days through terrible storms. We had looked under the house a couple times with no avail. After walking around the entire neighborhood several times in the past couple of days, I in a last ditch effort shone the light in the grate under our house one last time, and there she was. Finding a way under the house and trying to get her out was a challenge in itself. Thank you for the service you provIde and thank you for the updates. So happy to have our little Sushi back!


Pet Owner: Barbara B. (CA)Pet Name: BootsDate Lost: 05/20/2016Date Found: 05/26/16

I just found the cat and I immediately wanted to write something on this website. I don't know if it was because of the reports made by the site that she was missing nonetheless it was so great to be able to just feel like something was able to be done to try and locate our cat. Thank you.


Found 2 Travis

Pet Owner: Ruth S. (SC)Pet Name: TravisDate Lost: 05/12/2016

After I emailed local vets about my lost cat, one of them told me about lostmykitty. Bless you all for this network, and for caring!


Found 2 Tuxedo

Pet Owner: Amy W. (OH)Pet Name: TuxedoDate Lost: 05/14/2016

Tuxedo, the indoor cat who "escaped" when his dog Tess was let out has been found - hungry, dehydrated and exhausted hiding under the back porch. Lostmykitty eased our minds when we couldn't be out there searching for him. We knew that others in the area would be on the lookout for him. I have been a pet owner all of my life and feel this service is a godsend when one of our furry family members is missing. Thanks!


Found 2 Eileen Weiswasser

Pet Owner: Eileen W. (CA)Pet Name: Eileen WeiswasserDate Lost: 04/16/2016Date Found: 05/24/16

Itty Bitty was FOUND by a wonderful realtor showing an Open House, 3 blocks from Itty's home. She recognized him from one of the sites I had him listed on & called me immediately. We are overjoyed. Missing for 6+ weeks. He was very skinny and dehydrated but was released by the Vet and is at home resting. Thank you to all for your caring, sharing & support given us during this horrible 6 weeks Eileen Weiswasser Please share!!


Found 2 Bali

Pet Owner: Dawn D. (CA)Pet Name: BaliDate Lost: 05/21/2016Date Found: 05/23/16

Blessings to all of you. We received an email from a neighbor whom got an alert call that thought she saw Bali last night. It inspired us to keep looking and finally found our cat. Starving and thirsty after 2 days of being lost. Sincerely, David Millar


Found 2 BoBo Martin

Pet Owner: Walter M. (IL)Pet Name: BoBo MartinDate Lost: 05/21/2016Date Found: 05/22/16

Thank you for your missing pet internet posting service. BoBo our cat ran off into the woods yesterday morning and was gone for 36 hours. He came home about an hour ago. Being able to post the missing cat info on the net and knowing it went out to many different locals was comforting. In the meantime we adopted 2 kittens. Were hoping everything works out with the new family. BoBo is eating and resting after his journey.


Found 2 Riki

Pet Owner: Lisa K. (OH)Pet Name: RikiDate Lost: 05/18/2016Date Found: 05/21/16

My 13 year old Siamese was lost for 7 days, using the call alert we immediately got leads on where he was hidding. It gave us such hope to know the whole neighborhood was looking for him!


Found 2 Voldemort

Pet Owner: Dawn H. (VA)Pet Name: VoldemortDate Lost: 05/15/2016Date Found: 05/18/16

Thank you for your help in locating my lost boy! The flyers were very helpful, and the email notices helped me to stay positive in finding my kitty!


Pet Owner: Pamela T. (OH)Pet Name: WILEYDate Lost: 05/16/2016

I followed the suggestions for creating a handout and passed them out at a Homeowners Association meeting. It generated lots of conversation, and tips started coming in on where Wiley had been seen. I found Wiley at 1:30 am. It was so quiet, Wiley could hear me easily, even though my calls were very soft, so the neighbors wouldn't be disturbed. Wiley was gone only 31 hours, and I credit Lost My as instrumental for guiding me through the process, and especially for their followers who sent me suggestions and offered words of encouragement and love. Thank you so much!


Found 2 Manny

Pet Owner: Ashley B. (WI)Pet Name: MannyDate Lost: 05/08/2016

Thank you so much!! I would not have gotten my cat back without this! The finders just happened to call a vet and ask! Thank you!!
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