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Found 2 Jet

Pet Owner: Bonnie S. (OH)Pet Name: JetDate Lost: 09/22/2016Date Found: 09/23/16

Thankyou soo much for a your help in finding jet. It's such a nice feeling knowing help like this is available.


Found 2 Loki

Pet Owner: Jenna J. (MN)Pet Name: LokiDate Lost: 09/21/2016Date Found: 09/22/16

Thank goodness, Loki has been found, A neighbor couple found him last night, a little scared from the storm. My grandson will be so excited to have him back, he is six years old and was so sad and upset last night. So we thank you for this wonderful service.


Found 2 Nessa

Pet Owner: Stephanie F. (MA)Pet Name: NessaDate Lost: 09/21/2016Date Found: 09/21/16

I couldn't be happier. We found Nessa several hours later in a neighboring yard but knowing that the contacting of local authorities and vets/hospitals as well as a flyer were already taken care of was a major load off! I would use this site again in a heartbeat.


Found 2 Lexie

Pet Owner: Jean D. (PA)Pet Name: LexieDate Lost: 09/16/2016Date Found: 09/21/16

It was helpful to have a thorough resource on what to do with a lost cat. The humane trap near our house proved to be the best suggestion as Lexie came back late at night to eat her favorite food! Thank you lost my kitty.


Found 2 Trouble

Pet Owner: Amy S. (CA)Pet Name: TroubleDate Lost: 09/04/2016

Thank you for helping to find our cat, Trouble.


Found 2 Marley

Pet Owner: Madalyn V. (MA)Pet Name: MarleyDate Lost: 09/19/2016Date Found: 09/20/16

Knowing lostmykitty covered so much if the recovery process including fliers made it less stressful. Thank you so much it's great to know there's an "amber alert" system for pets. Xoxo mommy and Marley


Found 2 Buddy

Pet Owner: juana S. (KS)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 09/19/2016Date Found: 09/20/16

Thanks. Your service was fast, free and comprehensive.


Found 2 Didi

Pet Owner: Jim F. (NY)Pet Name: DidiDate Lost: 09/04/2016Date Found: 09/08/16

Thanks to lostmykitty's multiple phone calls to neighbors and alerts to vets and animal protection agencies our cat, Didi, was found in East Hampton after being away only five nights. We got several calls that she had been seen within about a half mile radius of where she was lost. And, interestingly, a neighbor only one street away from where she was lost found her and with food lured Didi into her garage where I picked her up. The neighbor sent an iPhone photo of Didi to me which was very helpful. This is a great system that I knew about from receiving lost pet alerts by phone. Don't wait if you lose your pet. But get the word out fast. We are very grateful that this service exists. Jim, Julie and Didi


Found 2 Bailey

Pet Owner: Diane S. (PA)Pet Name: BaileyDate Lost: 09/17/2016

My Bailey returned home late last night safe and sound - hungry, but fine otherwise. I thank God for his return.


Found 2 Arlo

Pet Owner: Pavel S. (CT)Pet Name: ArloDate Lost: 09/17/2016Date Found: 09/19/16

FOUND!!! Thank you all for your help! Much appreciated!


Found 2 Pinky

Pet Owner: Medina A. (CA)Pet Name: PinkyDate Lost: 09/11/2016

I'm so very glad I decided to use this service after my cat was lost. I recently moved to a new neighborhood and my indoor cat managed to get out in the middle of night. When I noticed she was missing in the morning I immediately started looking for her. I used this site to post a notice and put out flyers all over the neighborhood. There is a canyon with coyotes not far from my home so when I didn't find her for 2 days I was quickly losing hope. The next morning I received a phone call from a neighbor saying they had found my cat in their garage. Thankfully, they had seen the flyers with her photo and my contact information. If it wasn't for that, I don't know that I would have ever been reunited with my kitty.


Found 2 Bella (Kitty)

Pet Owner: kaeti g. (WA)Pet Name: Bella (Kitty)Date Lost: 09/08/2016

Found her....the free flyers lost my offered were great


Found 2 Meatball

Pet Owner: Jennifer M. (OH)Pet Name: MeatballDate Lost: 09/15/2016Date Found: 09/17/16

Awesome service and gave us peace of mind that we had all hands on deck.


Found 2 Coltrane

Pet Owner: Jane H. (MI)Pet Name: ColtraneDate Lost: 09/15/2016Date Found: 09/17/16

We are so happy to report that our cat, Coltrane, came home today. It started raining (he hates the rain) and came right up to our porch (day 3)!! We are so excited to have him back home with his forever family!


Found 2 Violet

Pet Owner: Renee P. (NY)Pet Name: VioletDate Lost: 09/15/2016Date Found: 09/16/16

I found the cat by my house but Thank you so much for the hope and for helping create a great flyer!
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