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Total: 384 stories


Found 2 GIZMO

Pet Owner: Doug C. (VA)Pet Name: GIZMODate Lost: 10/08/2014Date Found: 10/12/14

We found Gizmo on Sunday, Oct 12th about 4pm. Since he was & has always been an indoor Cat, we figured that he was somewhere very close by. Also he runs and hides when ever anyone comes into our house, so we knew it would be hard for someone to just lure & pick him up. We kept checking the crawlspace under our building since there were a few holes big enough for him to go through. Finally our Daughter saw him and it took my wife to coax him out, I had to keep telling her to stay calm or Gizmo would sense it. We got him into the house, gave him a bath, & gave him some homecoming treats !!!


Found 2 Dusty

Pet Owner: Jennifer F. (TX)Pet Name: DustyDate Lost: 10/05/2014

So many members of my community told me they'd gotten the recorded phone call about Dusty. I know it helped keep her fresh on their minds. What a wonderful service. Dusty is back home after being spotted by several neighbors on a nearby street. They called me right away. One of them said to me, "You advertise well!" Thank you so much,!


Found 2 Harrison

Pet Owner: Anna D. (PA)Pet Name: HarrisonDate Lost: 10/07/2014Date Found: 10/17/14

We were really concerned when our cat went missing. Not only were we able to get a posting up quickly but it was free. Thank you so much! Our cat is home safe now.


Pet Owner: Jennifer E. (IL)Pet Name: TeddyDate Lost: 10/08/2014

Teddy returned home of her own volition. All is good! Thank you so much for all that you did to aid the search!


Pet Owner: sharon h. (AL)Pet Name: GizmoDate Lost: 10/13/2014

My kitty came home of her own accord, but I do appreciate this service. It is nice to know that if she ever does get lost again, there is a way to spread the word & help find her. Thank you.


Found 2 Oliver

Pet Owner: Angie M. (OH)Pet Name: OliverDate Lost: 10/05/2014Date Found: 10/15/14

Thank you for your free services. Oliver came back home on his own, but just having the resources to get his picture out there, and to let many people know that he was lost was so very helpful. This has been such a helpful service, much appreciated, thanks for everything, Angie.


Found 2 Goldie

Pet Owner: Mary W. (IL)Pet Name: GoldieDate Lost: 09/09/2014Date Found: 10/15/14

After almost six weeks, little Goldie came home this morning on her own. I don't where she had been all this time. But ... I was really pleased with LostMyKitty, and the faxes they sent out. I saw one posted on my vet's bulletin board. I also printed out the flyers. I didn't use the "call my neighbors" service because I had talked to everyone in person ... but I appreciated all of the services offered. And I would recommend this to others. Thank you, Mary


Found 2 Mrs.Kitty

Pet Owner: Alexis A. (MN)Pet Name: Mrs.KittyDate Lost: 10/01/2014Date Found: 10/14/14



Found 2 Pudding

Pet Owner: Alexis A. (MN)Pet Name: PuddingDate Lost: 10/01/2014

I love this site! it helped me so much! I found both of my cats! and recommended it to everyone! I even notified the Animal Control here in town about it! I hope everyone starts using it! THIS SITE IS GREAT! Thank you So MUCH!!!


Pet Owner: Mark N. (OH)Pet Name: Delilah or DeeDate Lost: 09/27/2014Date Found: 10/12/14

Excellent service---it was a relief to have this support. Thanks again!


Found 2 BRUCE

Pet Owner: Veronica W. (TX)Pet Name: BRUCEDate Lost: 10/10/2014Date Found: 10/12/14

We lost our cat on friday and this website helped us to be able to print lost fliers and get the word out. Thank you for helping us bring our Bruce home We got him Back tonight Sunday 10/12/14 @ 5:15am. He is safe and unharmed. We all cried tears of joy especially after thinking the worst and thinking we would never see him again. the love we have for him is unreal. I have had him since he was 1 week old and he and I are just stuck together like glue he is like a baby to me and this website made it possible to have the communities help and be able to be contacted if he was seem or picked up I truly cant thank you enough my kids and I have never been happier! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Veronica


Found 2 Charlie

Pet Owner: John D. (NJ)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 10/06/2014Date Found: 10/08/14

When my cat went missing, I was desperate to get the word out to as big an audiance as I could. Someone I work with suggested The site was really easy to navigate and get the posting out quickly. It was great to know that immediately got the word out to local vets and shelters; leaving me more time to hang fliers around the neighborhood and look for Charlie. Losing a beloved cat is devastating - knowing there was a service like this to help was very comforting. Luckily, we found Charlie in our neighborhood, hungry but unharmed. Thank you to for the service.


Found 2 Tinkerbell

Pet Owner: Sandra C. (NJ)Pet Name: TinkerbellDate Lost: 09/25/2014Date Found: 10/06/14

Thanks so much for your help in recovering Tinkerbell. In the end, it was one of your printable fliers that brought her home to us after 11 days missing.



Pet Owner: Matthew H. (NC)Pet Name: GEORGIEDate Lost: 10/04/2014

Thank you for all your help. She didnt get very far, she was only a few streets over. She was gone for about 24 hrs. So glad i was referred here though. The more people to see her face and get her information the better! Shes in good health and is full now. Thank you for being here for us!


Found 2 Tuxxie

Pet Owner: Melanie T. (IL)Pet Name: TuxxieDate Lost: 08/27/2014

By using LostMyKitty, many of our neighbors were quickly informed and helped us to track the location of our Tuxxie. We knew he was safe and close to home and were able to bring him back at just the right moment!
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