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Found 2 Misty

Pet Owner: Debby S. (ID)Pet Name: MistyDate Lost: 01/23/2015Date Found: 01/29/15

Thank you for providing such a greatly needed service when we are unfortunate enuf to lose a beloved pet! My mind was eased greatly knowing I was being pr oactive in an effort to find my missing cat! I hope to not need your service again but will check back periodically in case I can help someone else! THANK YOU, de by sellers


Found 2 Shadow

Pet Owner: Victoria S. (KS)Pet Name: ShadowDate Lost: 01/11/2015Date Found: 01/16/15

When Shadow went missing, I was absolutely beside myself with grief and worry. I wanted to do whatever I could to get her back. After searching our neighborhood every night for her for a week, one night there she was by the back door, in perfect shape. I can't help but think she was in someone's house (she was in far too good shape to have been out for that very cold week). I have to believe someone saw my post on and brought her back. Maybe they didn't want to admit they had her. I don't care...she's home, and I'm so grateful!! VictoriaSmith


Pet Owner: Vickie D. (CO)Pet Name: Albert JonesDate Lost: 01/26/2015Date Found: 01/28/15

Although Albert came home on his own this morning after two nights of being lost, I would like to say that this service is truly great. They helped me to feel that I had serious help to find my dear little cat. They were so quick to get my posters ready to print, and they had already contacted 25 shelters and pet businesses. Thank you! LOSTMYKITTY.COM I HOPE I WON'T EVER HAVE TO USE YOUR SERVICE AGAIN. And I send my Love, and Blessings to you and your wonderful service. VICKIE DAVIS


Found 2 Rhapsody

Pet Owner: Theresa S. (SC)Pet Name: RhapsodyDate Lost: 01/21/2015Date Found: 01/28/15

This service gave us exactly what it promised. We were in an especially tough situation because we lost our sweet cat while on vacation on an island during the off-season. There are lots of vacant houses, dense foliage to hide in, and we don't have the advantage of knowing anyone here. Ultimately, it was the flier that led to our cat's recovery. Another vacationing family saw our girl and remembered seeing the sign. But the amber alert had everyone looking and generated lots of tips that kept our search going.


Found 2 Shadow

Pet Owner: Nicole A. (NY)Pet Name: ShadowDate Lost: 11/15/2014

Thanks for all your help it was very helpful.


Found 2 Riddick

Pet Owner: Jodie M. (CA)Pet Name: RiddickDate Lost: 12/17/2014Date Found: 01/27/15

I am happy to say that our cat was found through the help of I ordered postcards to be sent out, and received many calls from people who thought they had seen my cat. He was missing for 5 weeks, and a nice lady who had kept the postcard called us to let us know that she had just seen a cat matching the description of ours. We drove to her street, and got our cat back. THANK YOU for helping us get our kitty home!


Found 2 Coconut

Pet Owner: Lauretta L. (CA)Pet Name: CoconutDate Lost: 12/23/2014

After over four weeks, Coconut was FINALLY found! This site gave me the tools to begin my search when I had no idea where to start! The pet alert was fantastic as it got my whole neighborhood looking for my kitty. I would, however, encourage folks to expand their search beyond the immediate neighborhood as Coco was found over 0.7 miles away. Thank you for your words of encouragement and all the tips. They gave me a little bit of control over the situation and loads of hope.


Found 2 Ozzy

Pet Owner: Lindsay W. (TX)Pet Name: OzzyDate Lost: 01/07/2015

Ozzy came back home 3 weeks later. He was sunbathing in the front yard peacefully. He was found dirty and a bit lighter but he Is happy and home


Pet Owner: Rosemary O. (TN)Pet Name: SugarDate Lost: 11/30/2014

Yes, I found my beloved Sugar, on "1-12," this month when I heard an extra meow at the front of our cabin. It was among the bushes. It was evening, I was feeding my 3 feral cats on the porch so I knew it wasn't them. It wasn't quite dark yet. The bushes were all together and it was hard to see the kitty without scaring it away. Well it ran anyway. I was finishing feed the kitties then I heard another meow under the porch. I went in and got the flashlight and shined it between the cracks. It started running up the hill and I shined the light on it and low and behold it was Sugar. I couldn't believe my eyes. I called for her, but she ran. She was so scare. It took me 3 days. I finally trapped her. Took her to the Vet and she took good care of her. Had to wait a couple of days to give her a bath so I wiped her off. She was so skinny I am nourishing her back. She's doing good. I would like to thank you for all the information you put out on her. A few of the Vets called to check on her and a lady called to see if she was found and I told her the good news. So your service was very rewarding. I think it would be rewarding if a person lost their pet to use your services, So don't lose faith or hope, As they say"they know where they live and eat." Again THANK YOU Rosemary Ogle and SUGAR


Found 2 Scout

Pet Owner: Eileen M. (CA)Pet Name: ScoutDate Lost: 12/25/2014

I found my cat....actually he came home after three weeks gone :) He offered no explanation as to where he was...bad bad boy.....


Found 2 Buddy

Pet Owner: Walt B. (CA)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 01/08/2015Date Found: 01/18/15

Thanks for the help! After 6 days, Buddy walked in the back door like nothing happened. Had to be in someone else's house. Great site!


Found 2 Meo

Pet Owner: Pamela F. (AR)Pet Name: MeoDate Lost: 12/27/2014Date Found: 01/17/15

Thank you for your service It helps to have someone who cares grandson was out playing basketball and him and meo spotted each other so glad to have meo back!!!


Pet Owner: Dave W. (AZ)Pet Name: WheezyDate Lost: 01/06/2015Date Found: 01/08/15

thank for being there and you help a lot of people and their pets


Found 2 Chewbacca [chewy]

Pet Owner: maria e. (AZ)Pet Name: Chewbacca [chewy]Date Lost: 01/04/2015Date Found: 01/15/15

Great site linked me to others. Also great tips.


Found 2 Lucy

Pet Owner: Matthew J. (ID)Pet Name: LucyDate Lost: 01/04/2015

My little daughter showed up this afternoon looking very thin but otherwise unharmed. I was very thankful for this website as it allowed me to contact all local shelters and clinics in the event she had been found or injured. I'm so thankful to have my Lucy home!!
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