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Pet Owner: Mary Louise M. (NY)Pet Name: TessDate Lost: 12/14/2014Date Found: 12/19/14

The robocalls were invaluable in finding Tess - I received so many calls and was actually able to meet neighbors that I did not meet before. Tess was found by Jules, a neighbor who found her in his car engine when he went in for service. She had evidently been there awhile - she was burned on her belly and her pads on her back paws were burned off. She is now recovering at the vets and I hope to see her home soon. Her brother, Niko, misses her very much. Thank you


Found 2 Trevor

Pet Owner: Jessica C. (CA)Pet Name: TrevorDate Lost: 12/09/2014Date Found: 12/14/14

Through I received invaluable support, tips and tricks to help find Trevor! My kitty was missing for FIVE DAYS and tonight in the early morning came home crying and starving. I commend Craig's List and for his safe return. All I wanted for Christmas was my kitty! :)


Found 2 Meep

Pet Owner: Diana E. (FL)Pet Name: MeepDate Lost: 12/09/2014

Thank you for the help and the wonderful posters! We are so grateful to have found our beloved family pet!


Found 2 Daisy

Pet Owner: Katie B. (TN)Pet Name: DaisyDate Lost: 12/06/2014Date Found: 12/10/14

She eventually came home after a few days. We still don't know where she went. Though she came home on her own, without the help of this site, it was still a relief that others knew that she was missing. For all those with missing pets, keep hoping.


Found 2 Tillie

Pet Owner: Juliana N. (WI)Pet Name: TillieDate Lost: 11/29/2014

After 10 days of searching we've found Tillie! She was one house away. The neighbor had left a door open and she sneaked into their basement. They have three dogs so she was afraid and hid. Yesterday they heard noises in the basement and thought it was a raccoon. They set a live trap and caught her at midnight. Not wanting to wake us they waited until we got home from work to bring her home. There are a lot of feral cats in the area so I didn't expect it to be our cat but there she was. Scared, hungry, thirsty and starved for attention. I have looked and looked for the last 10 days. I put up posters, knocked on doors and walked and walked different neighborhoods at lunch and after work. Lost My Kitty was a huge help in getting many, many people looking with us. I had many phone calls and emails from kind people offering help and suggestions. What a wonderful service. Don't give up hope. I wish all of you the joy of finding your lost cat. Have a very Merry Christmas!


Found 2 Tabby

Pet Owner: linda m. (AL)Pet Name: TabbyDate Lost: 12/05/2014Date Found: 12/08/14

I want to thank everyone that took the time to help us find our cat she is a big part of our family. This is a wonderful site. I didn't even no that there was such a place that helped find your pets. Thanks so much


Found 2 Sparky has black spot on lower lip

Pet Owner: Bobbie S. (IL)Pet Name: Sparky has black spot on lower lipDate Lost: 12/03/2014Date Found: 12/05/14

Great site, I even got a call from a vet that received one of the fliers they sent that they thought they had found my cat. He is safe at home now. My advice, don't give up and get their picture out there as much as possible.


Found 2 Panda

Pet Owner: Coye H. (NC)Pet Name: PandaDate Lost: 12/03/2014Date Found: 12/04/14

I was able to find Panda on my own even before I posted any flyers, but want to thank you for your wonderful site and service. The flyer was beautiful and what a great service for animal lovers who lose their beloved family member! A huge thank you!


Found 2 Leila

Pet Owner: Liz K. (NC)Pet Name: LeilaDate Lost: 11/27/2014

My cat showed up at my door this morning - just 12 hours after registering on so I can't say whether this is an effective addition to your efforts to find your pet. But, I think they're hearts are in the right place and I would recommend others give it a try. It's free if you don't want add on's too. I grateful my Leila is home and I hope all of you find your precious pets.


Found 2 Tony

Pet Owner: Jackie S. (NC)Pet Name: TonyDate Lost: 11/11/2014

This service did not directly lead to our finding our lost cat Tony; he just came running down the hill above our house this morning. However, I will not hesitate to recommend this site to any friends who lose pets. I did receive phone calls in response to the calls that went out as there happens to be another cat close by that fits Tony's description. I could never have gotten the word out so quickly and efficiently without your help! Thank you!


Found 2 kit-kat

Pet Owner: sherry c. (OK)Pet Name: kit-katDate Lost: 11/16/2014Date Found: 11/30/14

we are so thankful for being able to use website to help locate our kitty... she was missing for 10 days and just showed up at our patio door...we are so happy she came home!.. thanks for everything we had access to from your web-site! God Bless!


Found 2 Ophelia

Pet Owner: Maryann S. (MA)Pet Name: OpheliaDate Lost: 11/14/2014

This is a great and very much needed service. :) Our cat came home!


Found 2 Mimi

Pet Owner: Joanne D. (NY)Pet Name: MimiDate Lost: 11/11/2014

What a wonderful service! Thank you!


Found 2 Bailey

Pet Owner: Pamela M. (IL)Pet Name: BaileyDate Lost: 10/23/2014

After 34 days, Bailey the cat was found living under a deck about five blocks away. It took a massive effort including stuffing mailboxes with flyers, talking to neighbors and dog-walkers and The woman who discovered Bailey under her deck had gotten my two flyers and the phone call. Yet she lost my telephone number. She googled "lost cats in Glen Ellyn" and found us on the website. Everything converged to bring Bailey home last night. Thank you so much!


Found 2 Tator

Pet Owner: Lainey K. (KS)Pet Name: TatorDate Lost: 11/15/2014Date Found: 11/18/14

I am very pleased with this site. Within 10 hours of signing up my baby was brought back to me. The people that contacted me where genuine and wernt loiters. I hope I never have to use this site again, but if I do I will use thisIone. Tbank you so much!
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