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Total: 553 stories


Found 2 Wendy

Pet Owner: Jane C. (NC)Pet Name: WendyDate Lost: 07/05/2015

This service was very easy to use and the flyer they created was very helpful. I also appreciated the e-mail follow up. At a time when it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and panic stricken, having a service like eases the stress a little.


Found 2 Cobbles

Pet Owner: Karen C. (CA)Pet Name: CobblesDate Lost: 07/04/2015

We just got back from distributing flyers a 3rd time in our neighborhood-- and guess who greeted us-- Cobbles-- I'm so glad he wasn't lost after all (he found a really good hiding place) but also thankful for the support of Lost My


Found 2 ROO

Pet Owner: Britany N. (CA)Pet Name: ROODate Lost: 07/02/2015

Roo left through an open window early Thursday morning. He was discovered missing a few hours later, and I was immediately outside calling to him, hoping he'd return. We had just moved to Long beach less than a week before his escape, and I was certain he wouldn't come back on his own. I posted up my plea for help online to several websites, including in between making rounds around the neighborhood. When night fell, I placed food and water outside in case he decided to stop but, but in the morning, I noticed the food went untouched. I gathered recent photos of him and printed out flyers to post around the block and passed them to every clinic, shelter, hospital, and supplier in the city, hoping to catch a break. I got home and left for work that Friday, only to come home and hear a quiet meow outside the same window he left from. He hopped down, and went straight to my bedroom in search of me or the original location for his food. I was so overcome with happiness that I dropped down and cried, hugging him while he tried to eat. Shortly after, the house was locked up and we slept peacefully later.


Found 2 Bob

Pet Owner: Hope W. (NJ)Pet Name: BobDate Lost: 07/01/2015Date Found: 07/03/15

Our cat Bob went missing and right away we filled out a profile. When we decided to call local shelters on our own a few hours later, they had all been faxed his picture and flyer. It was an enormous relief to know that it was taken care of and for free.


Found 2 Goofy

Pet Owner: Joy R. (MI)Pet Name: GoofyDate Lost: 06/11/2015Date Found: 07/01/15

Thank you so much!!!! We lost Goofy a couple weeks ago when he snook out the door as we were walking out the door late at night. He was never an outside cat so we were heart broken and feared the worst especially since he has a heart murmur and worried how the big world would affect him. I came across as I googled lost cat and within a week I had local vets saying that they received my poster, confused as I didn't realize the website did all of that. We also re-activated his chip but it was the Vets rep that recognized his face from the poster that sent that when she called his name his head snapped to attention and then they ran the chip to confirm. Thank you so much for helping us bring our ol' boy home!!!!


Found 2 Wiley

Pet Owner: Zoe M. (IN)Pet Name: WileyDate Lost: 06/01/2015Date Found: 06/29/15

We had been missing Wiley for over a month. He's an indoor/outdoor kitty who we've cared for for about 5 years. When we placed your flyers up in our surrounding neighborhoods, someone called to say they'd seen a cat who fit Wiley's description. I went immediately and found that rascal had taken up residence with someone else and was very much loved and cared-for. We are very happy to know that he is alive and well! Your website helped us find him...thank you so much! Yours, Z J Molloy


Pet Owner: Christine D. (SC)Pet Name: ThomasDate Lost: 06/25/2015

The website was very easy to use and comforting in the way that help was offered, information disseminated and kind updates to the owners. Fortunatey Thomas the 8 mos old kitty found his way home on his own after being missing for 4 days It was a joyful reunion. Was considerig taking advantage of the next level of of notification when the little fella showed up hungry, thirsty, but not hurt. Thank you so much for the service and hope you provide to distraught pet owners everywhere.


Found 2 mr hops

Pet Owner: Tabatha K. (MI)Pet Name: mr hopsDate Lost: 06/20/2015

Thank you for your service my family and I really appreciate your help and support


Found 2 Dou-Shay

Pet Owner: Angela L. (GA)Pet Name: Dou-ShayDate Lost: 06/12/2015Date Found: 06/28/15

Thanks for having a website that helps and cares about lost pets.I was glad to find it and will gladly pass the word on. Keep up the good work . thanks again for your help.


Found 2 Charlie

Pet Owner: M A. (CO)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 06/26/2015

Thank you!!!


Pet Owner: Deana S. (CT)Pet Name: RangerDate Lost: 06/17/2015Date Found: 06/25/15

My cat was lost for 4 days before I found although their services didn't help find Ranger (due to the fact he never left my property) . The alert phone calls were fantastic I received a lot of phone calls. If anyone loses their cat I would recommend this site


Pet Owner: Puella J. (OH)Pet Name: TimidDate Lost: 06/05/2015

Hello Everyone. Thank you so much for your help. I was so pleased that Timid came home four nights ago. He was very happy, and so was I. I want to thank Lost my I want to also thank everyone for their concern. Sincerely, PJ


Found 2 Harley

Pet Owner: Rochelle J. (WA)Pet Name: HarleyDate Lost: 06/08/2015

What a great service you provide! The more people that know about it the more success and found kitties there will be. Thanks so much for being out there


Found 2 Cookie

Pet Owner: Scott G. (IL)Pet Name: CookieDate Lost: 06/07/2015Date Found: 06/20/15

Cookie came home all by herself after being gone 15 days. It is very comforting to know that there are so many resources for finding lost pets, and yours is definitely one of the best. Thank you!


Found 2 Bert

Pet Owner: Jennifer B. (PA)Pet Name: BertDate Lost: 06/05/2015Date Found: 06/08/15

I am so thankful for this site. Our missing kitty's picture was splattered all over our area vet offices thanks to We were so happy to go to our vet yesterday and remove the poster they'd hung, a poster from this site! Just today another vet called to say that a cat had been found that matched the description of our baby. From her message I know that she learned of him being lost via this site. I am so grateful. Thank you!
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