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Found 2 Sammie

Pet Owner: Lauren S. (NY)Pet Name: SammieDate Lost: 02/25/2015Date Found: 03/05/15

Although we did find her ourselves, sitting in someones basement window well, I loved everything that had to offer! I was going to upgrade to the phone calls to my neighbor if she didn't show up within the next few days. Thank you so much for all your effort! We TRULY appreciate it :)


Found 2 Reesey

Pet Owner: Jennifer Z. (TN)Pet Name: ReeseyDate Lost: 02/27/2015Date Found: 02/28/15

My inside only cat managed to escape the house. We still don't know how she did it. I was directed to to make flyers to help locate her. I did that and started talking to neighbors and calling shelters. The local shelter received the flyer from and was already on the lookout for my cat within a matter of hours. I got lucky and happened to find my cat myself, but I was pleased that the emails and faxes went out so quickly. Thank you!


Found 2 Boots

Pet Owner: Jennifer R. (CA)Pet Name: BootsDate Lost: 02/01/2015

Hi All, Our little one (Boots) came home yesterday after being gone for almost three weeks. He came home underweight, tired and hungry. I was in the kitchen and I turned and there he was just like he had never left. I am certain that one of our "neighbors" took him. What they didn't know is that Boots needs special care and will not just take food or shelter from just anyone. I was putting up my own makeshift lost cat posters when I woman I had never seen before saw what I was doing and told me to contact I contacted your website and signed up immediately. I generated new posters thru the site and they were far superior to what I had done. I immediately put those posters out everywhere I knew Boots might travel. Then on 2/15/15 sent me a notice about a program they have where they call to find your cat. I was very skeptical about spending the money and rather dubious at first because they said they had an 85% find rate. Finally I decided that if I didn't try it I would hate myself forever so I went for it. Within five days Boots returned. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I don't believe he would have ever returned had it not been for your services. I would recommend you to ANYONE who has lost a pet. I would also recommend that you buy the add-on services and the search service if you can afford them because THEY REALLY WORK!! Love and God Bless, Jennifer Reid and Boots


Found 2 Fluffy

Pet Owner: Debbie S. (CA)Pet Name: FluffyDate Lost: 02/02/2015Date Found: 02/19/15

Although I found Fluffy without the use of the flyer and service it did give me peace of mind that I was doing everything I could to bring my kitty back to me. I did receive a call from a Vet's office because a cat matching Fluffy's description was brought in, in a humane trap. It was not our kitty but if it had been, I would have been very happy. This save me much time to get that information out quickly while I am working. I would recommend the service highly.


Found 2 Princess

Pet Owner: Michael & Diana G. (FL)Pet Name: PrincessDate Lost: 02/07/2015Date Found: 02/10/15

When our indoor cat got outside and was lost, we initially tried the FREE "LostMyKitty" services with flyers and shelter notifications, however, after 3 days there was no success. At that point we were in a panic and decided to go to the next step whereby pre-recorded phone calls were made to the closest 250 (or more) neighbors. Within 2 hours of the initiation of that service, my wife got a call from a neighbor about one half mile away that said she was looking out her window at a cat that matched our description in a heavily landscaped area near a fence. My wife then got into the car and went to the area and tracked our cat down in the landscaped area. Since indoor cats are not prone to find their own way home since they are scared and disoriented, I feel that we are extremely lucky to have gotten our pet back and I attribute most of the successful outcome to the service provided by "". Thank you.


Found 2 Scooter

Pet Owner: Terrie P. (CO)Pet Name: ScooterDate Lost: 02/12/2015Date Found: 02/15/15

So thankful how easy it was to use your website and that it immediately posted to Facebook. When I lose a pet I always want to make sure I am doing everything I can to get the word out. It was comforting to have your website available. To others looking for their cat. I had looked mostly close to my house following all the streets parallel to mine. My daughter lives in my neighborhood but lives in the opposite direction. She mentioned that she saw a male cat that lives down my street clear over by her house. At 11 o'clock at night I was worried about her and decided to walk towards my daughters house calling her name in the quiet of the evening. Within a few side roads, calling her name she called back as she hopped to the top of a gate. I would not have thought to look on this side of my neighborhood. She has been gone for three long and cold nights. She is not an outside cat. I am so thankful I found her. My prayers have been answered!


Found 2 Tuxy

Pet Owner: Krissy L. (CA)Pet Name: TuxyDate Lost: 01/30/2015Date Found: 02/05/15

I am so impressed with the services that provide! They created fliers for me to print out, contacted 25 shelters and pet businesses, and posted my lost cat on their website ALL FOR FREE!! You can't find another website that offers all the services that does. They also provide "Lost Pet Tips" that were VERY helpful! I will definitely recommend this site for anyone who loses their pet. Thank you so much! Krissy


Found 2 Sam

Pet Owner: Dianna M. (CT)Pet Name: SamDate Lost: 01/20/2015Date Found: 02/09/15

I'm so happy that my baby returned. He was meowing at my window this morning. I don't know if my cat was roaming for close to a month but he came back half the size, I can feel the bones. I made an appointment to get him fixed and I'm anxious to getting him back to health. Thank you amber alert for all you do to find people's animals!!! Sam found his way back to home we're he is loved, I love him more than anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Found 2 Dash

Pet Owner: Jessica W. (PA)Pet Name: DashDate Lost: 01/27/2015Date Found: 02/08/15

I JUST GOT HIM BACK!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I signed up for the calls last thursday and I got lots of call backs and I just got back from picking him up from the neighborhood behind us (it is sunday)! He went missing 1/27/15 6:00am and we just got him back 2/8/15 10:45pm. And it is because of the amber alert calls! 3 days after The calls went out My cat was found!!! I will recommend this site for anyone who loses their pet! It is all because of this service I found my little guy Dash. He is home safe and sound, purring and loving as he always was. Thank you so much for all you did, this site and the services are well worth the money and the effort you put in in response time is fantastic! Thank you again! With Love, Dash and The Weavers! <3


Found 2 Misty

Pet Owner: Debby S. (ID)Pet Name: MistyDate Lost: 01/23/2015Date Found: 01/29/15

Thank you for providing such a greatly needed service when we are unfortunate enuf to lose a beloved pet! My mind was eased greatly knowing I was being pr oactive in an effort to find my missing cat! I hope to not need your service again but will check back periodically in case I can help someone else! THANK YOU, de by sellers


Found 2 Shadow

Pet Owner: Victoria S. (KS)Pet Name: ShadowDate Lost: 01/11/2015Date Found: 01/16/15

When Shadow went missing, I was absolutely beside myself with grief and worry. I wanted to do whatever I could to get her back. After searching our neighborhood every night for her for a week, one night there she was by the back door, in perfect shape. I can't help but think she was in someone's house (she was in far too good shape to have been out for that very cold week). I have to believe someone saw my post on and brought her back. Maybe they didn't want to admit they had her. I don't care...she's home, and I'm so grateful!! VictoriaSmith


Pet Owner: Vickie D. (CO)Pet Name: Albert JonesDate Lost: 01/26/2015Date Found: 01/28/15

Although Albert came home on his own this morning after two nights of being lost, I would like to say that this service is truly great. They helped me to feel that I had serious help to find my dear little cat. They were so quick to get my posters ready to print, and they had already contacted 25 shelters and pet businesses. Thank you! LOSTMYKITTY.COM I HOPE I WON'T EVER HAVE TO USE YOUR SERVICE AGAIN. And I send my Love, and Blessings to you and your wonderful service. VICKIE DAVIS


Found 2 Rhapsody

Pet Owner: Theresa S. (SC)Pet Name: RhapsodyDate Lost: 01/21/2015Date Found: 01/28/15

This service gave us exactly what it promised. We were in an especially tough situation because we lost our sweet cat while on vacation on an island during the off-season. There are lots of vacant houses, dense foliage to hide in, and we don't have the advantage of knowing anyone here. Ultimately, it was the flier that led to our cat's recovery. Another vacationing family saw our girl and remembered seeing the sign. But the amber alert had everyone looking and generated lots of tips that kept our search going.


Found 2 Shadow

Pet Owner: Nicole A. (NY)Pet Name: ShadowDate Lost: 11/15/2014

Thanks for all your help it was very helpful.


Found 2 Riddick

Pet Owner: Jodie M. (CA)Pet Name: RiddickDate Lost: 12/17/2014Date Found: 01/27/15

I am happy to say that our cat was found through the help of I ordered postcards to be sent out, and received many calls from people who thought they had seen my cat. He was missing for 5 weeks, and a nice lady who had kept the postcard called us to let us know that she had just seen a cat matching the description of ours. We drove to her street, and got our cat back. THANK YOU for helping us get our kitty home!
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