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Found 2 Skylar

Pet Owner: Michael F. (NY)Pet Name: SkylarDate Lost: 02/11/2016Date Found: 02/11/16

We need up finding my wife's 6 month old kitten hidding under the house. We had to use a humane trap to get her out because of how scared and cold she was. It was only 10 degrees out side. It was nice noing that I did not have to worry about checking every shelter in the are because lost my kitten had our back on that.


Found 2 TIGGY

Pet Owner: sharon t. (OH)Pet Name: TIGGYDate Lost: 01/28/2016

This site gave me the piece of mind that I was doing everything available to me to find Tiggy. He was missing for 5 days but I did find him in a neighbor's shed. Another neighbor had seen the posting on and said she thought she spotted him. I looked in that location for 24 hours and finally found him safe and unharmed.


Found 2 Tony

Pet Owner: David R. (NY)Pet Name: TonyDate Lost: 01/23/2016Date Found: 01/25/16

Was very helpful and thank you very much in reuniting pets with loved ones


Pet Owner: Judy B. (AZ)Pet Name: Casanova BarnesDate Lost: 02/05/2015Date Found: 02/07/16

Thank you for the tips and guidance. We might have given up without your help.


Found 2 Blue

Pet Owner: Steve L. (CA)Pet Name: BlueDate Lost: 01/28/2016

Our cat was found hiding in our next door neighbor's house on their third floor. We told our neighbors our cat was missing. When the cat came out of hiding they notified us that they found her in their house.


Found 2 Francesca

Pet Owner: Steve L. (PA)Pet Name: FrancescaDate Lost: 02/05/2016

Francesca has been found safe and sound!


Found 2 Sammy

Pet Owner: Mary H. (NJ)Pet Name: SammyDate Lost: 12/20/2015Date Found: 02/04/16

After 6 long weeks Sammy is finally back home! He was found by a good Samaritan 30 minutes away. He obviously got in a car & hitched a ride. NEVER GIVE UP! Although lostmykitty was not the way he was recovered, it was a great feature available in helping to find a lost pet. You never know how your recovery will take place so take advantage of every opportunity out the & keep the faith!


Found 2 Charlie

Pet Owner: Tracy S. (TX)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 02/01/2016

This website was fantastic. Even though Charlie came home on her own - we think she may have been locked in a neighbor's garage - just the fact that I was able to share her information and know I would have help in locating her, made me feel so much better. I hope to never have to use this website again - but it's nice to know it's here and I will be looking out for any lost kitties and doggies in my neighborhood. Also, the picture I was trying to upload was too large. I emailed the picture and they very quickly sent back an email with a resized picture I was able to upload. The fact that my vet - and others - got the flyer this morning, and being able to print out flyers was such a blessing. I would recommend & to anyone who needed their services!!!!


Found 2 Cannon

Pet Owner: Carla S. (CA)Pet Name: CannonDate Lost: 02/01/2016Date Found: 02/02/16

I was directed to this website when my cat Cannon went missing. This website was very helpful making flyers and information to help find my lost kitty. Lots of good ideas. He was found at a neighbors and brought home. We talked with the neighbors and showed them a picture, now he is home. I will recommend this site to others with lost cat.


Found 2 Hombre

Pet Owner: Matt R. (CA)Pet Name: HombreDate Lost: 01/18/2016

When you lose your pet it's very upsetting and it's hard to know where to start! I have to say a big thanks to for doing all they can in getting the word out. That's how you find your pet, talk to people and spread the word, someone's seen him (or her) and just knowing your looking makes the difference. Thank you to we are so lucky to get our big boy home.


Found 2 Panchito/Munchkin

Pet Owner: Marianne F. (CA)Pet Name: Panchito/MunchkinDate Lost: 01/28/2016

I really appreciate the service that LostMyKitty offers. It gave me a lot of comfort knowing that so many people were being alerted to my cat being lost. With that peace of mind, I went out again in my neighborhood calling for my cat and this time I found him trapped in a neighbor's back yard. They have a vinyl fence on their side and it is wood on our side. This is the second time he ended up in their yard and could not escape. Looks like he may become an indoor cat now. Thank you for offering this service.


Found 2 Toby

Pet Owner: Casey E. (TX)Pet Name: TobyDate Lost: 01/27/2015Date Found: 01/29/16

My cat went missing on Wednesday, January 27th. I found on Friday and posted about my missing cat. They immediately sent a flyer out to local vets and within 10 minutes, a girl called and said she had my cat at the vet clinic she worked at!!! I was heartbroken over my kitty and was so happy he was found and safe! was a huge help! Thank you!!!


Found 2 Dukie

Pet Owner: Valerie D. (OH)Pet Name: DukieDate Lost: 01/27/2016Date Found: 01/29/16

I appreciate how our flyer got around so quickly!! I appreciate that local Shelters and Veterinary Offices in our area were alerted and how they kept an eye out for our Dukie! He came back on his own this morning and looks a little injured. Not knowing where he was or who or what interacted with him for the past 72 hours is scary. We are taking him to our local Veterinarian to take a look at his wounds. Other than that he was so hungry and eating as soon as he arrived back home. Thank you for your free help in getting our flyer out! Blessings to you all!!


Found 2 Spike

Pet Owner: Amber M. (IL)Pet Name: SpikeDate Lost: 01/25/2016

I was impressed with the amount of faxes and emails that went out to help locate my kitty!


Found 2 Charlie

Pet Owner: Laurie G. (CT)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 01/24/2016

What a great service. Thank you so much for the faxes and emails to all the local vets and shelters!!!!
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