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Total: 658 stories


Found 2 Mitsu

Pet Owner: Louise E. (PA)Pet Name: MitsuDate Lost: 11/16/2015

I found my cat. A neighbor found her and fed her. Thanx for all your help


Found 2 Maneko

Pet Owner: Hosanna S. (NE)Pet Name: ManekoDate Lost: 11/17/2015

I love this program. I was able to make a lost pet poster just in case I needed it. I didn't get to use the free services other than posting a lost report since I was on vacation. I will use this website again if any other pets getso lost. I highly recommend using it to your advantage!


Found 2 Ti Amo

Pet Owner: Jaime D. (FL)Pet Name: Ti AmoDate Lost: 11/25/2015Date Found: 11/27/15

Thank you for this service!!


Found 2 Bones

Pet Owner: Patrick M. (PA)Pet Name: BonesDate Lost: 11/25/2015

He came back early this morning. I woke up in the wee small hours and saw a little movement out of our bathroom window. When I went to the back door I called his name and he appeared out of the darkness and meowed at me and jumped inside. Thank you for your help, advice, and all the information you provided in helping to find him and/or get him to return. Our little goofy cat, Bones, is back and my daughter is no longer distraught and staring out the windows. Thanks again - Patrick


Found 2 Mommy

Pet Owner: Monica R. (PA)Pet Name: MommyDate Lost: 11/16/2015Date Found: 11/20/15

Thank you all so very much for helping us find our cat she was recovered less than 24 hours after posting her information on the site she is in good condition! We are all so relieved everyone's heartbreak turned to joy when we found her alive and well at 615 this morning !


Found 2 Venus

Pet Owner: Jennifer M. (CT)Pet Name: VenusDate Lost: 11/08/2015Date Found: 11/20/15

Thanks to your sites tips on what to do,my cat was back the next day, after being missing over a week! I placed dirty cat litter around the house like you said to worked!! THANK YOU so much!!


Found 2 Mason

Pet Owner: Michael K. (PA)Pet Name: MasonDate Lost: 10/27/2015Date Found: 11/19/15

Our wonderful cat Mason went missing on October 27, 2015. He was an indoor cat but had escaped on several occasions. The evening that he went missing there was a horrible storm and it rained for a good 24 hours. After about a day I started putting up missing posters around our neighborhood, contacted the local SPCA and filed a missing pet report. I was hoping that he just became disoriented after the storm and couldn't find his way home. We scoured our neighborhood and checked with a good amount of our neighbors. We had everyone checking their garage and shed but still no luck. I posted him as missing on Craigslist and a few other sites. I received tons of suggestions on what to do and one was posting him on LOSTMYKITTY.COM. I placed an add in hopes that it would help to locate Mason. It was a neat site that handled a lot of the leg work for you and gave you tons of information on what to do. This morning at 5AM, I woke up to go to work and heard a meow in my garage. There was Mason. Probably 7 pounds lighter and looking like he had been on a horrible adventure. While LOSTMYKITTY.COM didn't help find Mason, I would use it again if any of our other animals went missing. Sending e-mails, faxes and calling neighbors in addition to having a missing animal poster at your fingertips. Thank you for this wonderful service and I will spread the word. Don't give up hope if you have a missing pet. We almost did but after 23 days Mason returned. Thanks, Mike K


Found 2 Sampson has 1-eye

Pet Owner: Russ A. (CO)Pet Name: Sampson has 1-eyeDate Lost: 11/06/2015Date Found: 11/06/15 was very helpful in providing ideas of thing to try and people/places to contact regarding our lost cat Sampson. The free flyers that you can print up to post around the neighborhood were very helpful as the last thing we wanted to do when searching for a lost pet was to spend time creating a flyer. Thankfully our cat was found after he spent about 36 hours in the cold and us spending over 12-hours combing the neighborhood looking for him. We finally found him by shaking a food container and was able to hear him meowing. We are extremely thankful for the help from


Found 2 Oreo

Pet Owner: AnnMarie S. (MI)Pet Name: OreoDate Lost: 11/07/2015

10 days our Kitty was lost. My neighbor found him in his garage tucked away hidden in a corner. Oreo was scared starving and dirty. Now he is home safe, warm and fed. Thank you. This site helps find pets. Never give up keep strolling and looking. In our case our cat was an indoor cat, he did not go far just a house away. One happy family here!


Found 2 Tigger

Pet Owner: Kristy D. (CO)Pet Name: TiggerDate Lost: 11/13/2015Date Found: 11/14/15

I have used this site a few times looking for a lost pet and the flyers have helped me to find my pets. This is a great site!


Found 2 ONYX

Pet Owner: B T. (CA)Pet Name: ONYXDate Lost: 10/31/2015Date Found: 11/10/15

When my outdoor cat went missing, I decided to use lostmykitty. I used the poster they made for my cat and the lost pet tips, posting just five posters at the three street entries to my neighborhood. Literally five minutes from when I got home, my cat appeared in my backyard. My guess is that a neighbor picked up my cat thinking she was lost and let her go when they saw the posters. She was missing for ten days! I wish I did the posters sooner. I'm so glad she came home. :)


Found 2 Bruce

Pet Owner: Plamena T. (IL)Pet Name: BruceDate Lost: 11/10/2015Date Found: 11/12/15

Although my "lost" cat returned on its own after three days, I was very happy with's services. The fact that they sent out all of those faxes and emails to my local shelters and vets and pet businesses meant that I did mot have to call each of those places and submit a flyer imdividually. I called a local vet's office to see if a cat had been brought in and they said they had cotten the flyer via fax from LostMyKitty. Very happy with the service and even happier my kitty returned.


Found 2 Mow Mow

Pet Owner: Maria L. (CA)Pet Name: Mow MowDate Lost: 10/29/2015

Thank you for all your help is an amazing website. I would recommend them to anyone. Unfortunately my lil Mow Mow was found Dead?? Not a happy ending for our family.


Found 2 Franky

Pet Owner: Daniel M. (NH)Pet Name: FrankyDate Lost: 11/03/2015Date Found: 11/11/15

This is the second time I needed to use this service. It worked both times! I believe that both times someone had my cat in their home and decided to let him go after receiving the phone call.


Found 2 Bert

Pet Owner: Nicole W. (OH)Pet Name: BertDate Lost: 11/01/2015

Nice page- glad it was here. Put my mind at ease that I was doing all I could do to find my kitty
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