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How We Met:
I found Lil'Bit abandoned under a bush when she was a baby.She got out at 8mos right before taking her to spay appointment.Needless to say,she gave birth on Feb.28 2015 to my other four babies.Now Magik,our second oldest boy has gone missing from our yard just a month and afew days from his 1st birthday.We are heartbroken.Foul play may be involved.

Pet Likes:
Tuna,sitting on daddy's work clothes,smelling shoes,treats,toys and cardboard boxes.

Pet Dislikes:
Dogs,an old tom cat that occasionally comes into the yard.Me moving when they're sitting on me and messing them up.

Favorite Spots:
Right here beside me on my bed.In the window.

Favorite Toy:
Paperballs,a plastic store bought fuzzy bell toy,strings.

Silliest Habit:
Patting down a place on my blanket to lay down for nite nite.Sleeping on my chest with their booty in my face.Yuck!Lol.

Sweetest Moment:
Going to sleepy nite in my arms.Magik would stretch out his paw and touch my hand and purr.

My Pet Is Unique Because:
Each and everyone of my babies have different traits of the breeds that make up their DNA.Magik sweet and always obedient,has all the Cyprus Aphrodite traits,Dusti the Persian,she's my little lap kitty princess,Zazzleprincess,leader of the pack, a little Simease,Ginger Cameo calico,she's a tomboy,Mom,scrumps up with me all the time sweet little baby, tuxedo,ect.They all have different distinct personalities too.They are all such sweet good babies.

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