Reunited on 02/12/18
Well, fortunately violet came back on her own! However I had so many ??good tips from lostkitty and other sites I thought I would reiterate. Fat violet actually got up and over the fence to the alley. Never thought that could happen but it did. She did have collar and chip but hates any people, so...we were very worried. We opened the gate and kept it open for the night, and put her litter box out there, and sprinkled used litter up and down the alley. Also threw it into the air so she could smell it better! I probably looked like a crazy person. Did the same in front. Took one of my other cats and rubbed him all over the fence (no worries, he liked it) then brushed him and put his hair out. Made postcard sized lost kitty signs and taped them to 300 doors. But next morning she was back scratching at the door. We are so lucky!!


American Shorthair

Pet Details

Pet Name:

(ID# 42546)

Pet Type:
Pet Breed:
American Shorthair
Pet Color:
Brown, Grey-Silver
Date Lost:
Pet Description:

Very very fat, gray with small amount of white. Indoor kitty escaped. Used to be feral when tiny, and not too affectionate, but loves my other cat. She has red collar and tags. Will probably not come to people. Please let me know if you see her. We miss her very much.

Area Last Seen:

85007 (PHOENIX, AZ)

Cross Streets:

palm lane and laurel ave


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