Reunited Cat
Roo left through an open window early Thursday morning. He was discovered missing a few hours later, and I was immediately outside calling to him, hoping he'd return. We had just moved to Long beach less than a week before his escape, and I was certain he wouldn't come back on his own. I posted up my plea for help online to several websites, including LMK.com in between making rounds around the neighborhood. When night fell, I placed food and water outside in case he decided to stop but, but in the morning, I noticed the food went untouched. I gathered recent photos of him and printed out flyers to post around the block and passed them to every clinic, shelter, hospital, and supplier in the city, hoping to catch a break. I got home and left for work that Friday, only to come home and hear a quiet meow outside the same window he left from. He hopped down, and went straight to my bedroom in search of me or the original location for his food. I was so overcome with happiness that I dropped down and cried, hugging him while he tried to eat. Shortly after, the house was locked up and we slept peacefully later.



Pet Details

Pet Name:

(ID# 18455)

Pet Type:
Pet Breed:
Siamese, Unknown
Pet Color:
Grey-Silver, Brown
Date Lost:
Area Last Seen:

90802 (LONG BEACH, CA)


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