Reunited Cat
Hi All, Our little one (Boots) came home yesterday after being gone for almost three weeks. He came home underweight, tired and hungry. I was in the kitchen and I turned and there he was just like he had never left. I am certain that one of our "neighbors" took him. What they didn't know is that Boots needs special care and will not just take food or shelter from just anyone. I was putting up my own makeshift lost cat posters when I woman I had never seen before saw what I was doing and told me to contact lostmykitty.com I contacted your website and signed up immediately. I generated new posters thru the site and they were far superior to what I had done. I immediately put those posters out everywhere I knew Boots might travel. Then on 2/15/15 lostmykitty.com sent me a notice about a program they have where they call to find your cat. I was very skeptical about spending the money and rather dubious at first because they said they had an 85% find rate. Finally I decided that if I didn't try it I would hate myself forever so I went for it. Within five days Boots returned. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I don't believe he would have ever returned had it not been for your services. I would recommend you to ANYONE who has lost a pet. I would also recommend that you buy the add-on services and the search service if you can afford them because THEY REALLY WORK!! Love and God Bless, Jennifer Reid and Boots


American Shorthair

Pet Details

Pet Name:

(ID# 15553)

Pet Type:
Pet Breed:
American Shorthair
Pet Color:
Grey-Silver, White
Date Lost:
Area Last Seen:

91502 (BURBANK, CA)


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